‘Stop putting people’s mental health at stake’: Celebs offer Aima Baig support amidst breakup controversy

‘Stop putting people’s mental health at stake’: Celebs offer Aima Baig support amidst breakup controversy

Model Mathira, RJ and TV show host Anoushey Ashraf and musician Haadi Uppal asked haters to take a step back.
22 Sep, 2022

Any news update about a celebrity’s personal life is bound to snowball and spread like wildfire, inviting in a whole lot of opinions. Singer Aima Baig’s breakup with fiancé Shahbaz Shigri has been a hot topic lately and the controversy that surrounds it has led to bullying and trolling. Celebs such as model Mathira and RJ and TV show host Anoushey Ashraf have raised their voice in an effort to put a stop to it.

After Baig broke her silence on the matter, others started speaking up as well. Mathira addressed the ‘Rent Free’ singer and said, “I’m so sorry, Aima Baig, [for] what people have made you go through.. [It] is disgusting how people jump and make a tamasha [spectacle] of someone’s personal life.”

She then turned to those expressing their unsolicited opinions about Baig’s life. “[What] you all are talking about is not funny, being a celeb does not mean people don’t have a personal life,” she wrote. “Everyone please give Aima and Shahbaz a break.. It’s their personal matter, it’s weird how that girl accused her guy then they [were] both sitting and recording the call! All I think that they wanted [was] fame and drama. People need to chill out — stop putting people’s mental health [at] stake.”

Ashraf pointed out that it was no one’s business but the couple involved and the matter should have stayed private. “Just saddened to see someone’s private matter go public in such terrible taste. No one needed to hear any of this. Two people decided it wasn’t working out — that’s that.”

She commented on the actions of the third party (British model Taloulah Mair) saying, “One’s making videos and putting her down [which is] showing us a clear reflection of what is within them. Hate and negativity. Vengeance. Things no human should harbour.” She concluded by sending love to the ‘Baazi’ singer. “Being in the public eye isn’t easy, [I] am sorry someone has decided to wash their dirty laundry in public. Stay strong,” she added.

Musician Haadi Uppal questioned the bullies highlighting the fact that these were only allegations and there was no proof. “After years of hard work and perseverance, this is how we treat our celebrities without even checking facts?!”

He reassured Baig that there were people who had her back still. “There are sane people out there who are really concerned for you Aima Baig! I’m extremely sorry you’ve had to go through this and can’t even imagine the kind of head-space you’d be in!”

What happened

Baig posted a statement announcing her breakup with Shigri on Instagram on September 17 but deleted it soon after. The days that followed were filled with noise on the internet that was stirred by Mair who claimed Baig was involved with her ex-boyfriend, photographer Qes Ahmed.

After staying quiet for a few days, the singer broke her silence on Wednesday. “Although I did left a very respectful statement to put an end to this whole situation. But some people want to stay [quiet because] they know how many more ugly things would come out, not just about them, but about their families too,” shw wrote. “I still want to keep up with that respect that I gave to these people. In fact to this one person and family because ‘that is not how my upbringing is’.”

“Whatever happened, I’ve been going through some major trauma, depression right now because people don’t know what actually happened. And these extras who just want some followers and money…please give them that so they can move on with their lives,” she said, referring to an account that made claims about Baig’s relationship. “I’m not someone who fire up the situation by only showing parts to the people that would help them play the victim card. I’m not even going to talk about some random extras in my story since they don’t have families they care about or even dignity to accept who they really are as much as I enjoy memes but this whole thing is beyond funny.”

Calling the situation “straight up bullying and targeting people”, she asked for recommendations for a doctor to send to Mair, asserting that she has a medical condition.

Shigri has not commented on the situation.

The couple officially got engaged last year in July and the ceremony was attended by actors Hania Aamir and Ali Rehman Khan as well as singer Uzair Jaswal. The ex-couple was open about how they felt and often posted lovingly about each other on social media.


M. Saeed Sep 22, 2022 02:24pm
A break-up on way to start of the real life, is highly inhuman affair in the lives of entertainment people, who spend their lives to give happiness to others. Therefore, if they are unhappy, those they made happy even for a second, have to be concerned. Otherwise, separations and divorces do happen every day all around, without us having even an inkling.
bhaRAT© Sep 22, 2022 03:04pm
Being in a relationship out of wedlock is a different issue, but this misogyny of bullying is unacceptable!
Jigen.m19 Sep 22, 2022 03:49pm
This western lifestyle does not match Islamic and Pakistani culture
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 22, 2022 03:53pm
United we stand, divided we fall.
Mahnoor Malik Sep 22, 2022 04:18pm
Now others are afraid that their DMs can be opened to the public as well. So calls for privacy are getting stronger than ever.
Mrs.Khalil Sep 22, 2022 05:23pm
First you people make your personal and private life public and then complain that people invade your privacy ,
JS Sep 22, 2022 10:15pm
Don't know why anyone needs to announce a breakup on Instagram in the first place. It's a private matter, let it stay that way.
Kasam hussain Sep 22, 2022 11:09pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad that doesn't make any sense.
Shahid Sep 23, 2022 12:57am
Hypocrites. When you announce your personal acts on Instagram, it means you are inviting the public to get involved. And when the broader public gets involved then you should expect both positive and negative comments. Most people are truthful and say it as they see it.
Asif Sep 23, 2022 08:40am
First, you want to be famous and money, then you show your personal life to public through social website and now you ask for privacy. “ yeah Khula Tazad Naheen?” Enjoy.
Pan Cheng Sep 23, 2022 12:11pm
@Mahnoor Malik Announce Engagement & Breakup on media and now expect privacy! stop living in Alice in Wonderland. Issue is “ cheating” not breakup! if not true - say it.