Entry fee for fiction writing masterclass with author Mohsin Hamid to go to Sindh flood relief efforts

Entry fee for fiction writing masterclass with author Mohsin Hamid to go to Sindh flood relief efforts

Artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, author Fatima Bhutto and Menaal Munshey have arranged a multi-event series to raise funds for flood affectees in Sindh.
29 Aug, 2022

A writing masterclass with renowned author Mohsin Hamid is going to be raising funds for people affected by the floods in upper Sindh.

On Monday, The Writing Room, announced a masterclass with the Moth Smoke writer, grateful for his contribution to the Indus Relief 2022, an organisation started by author Fatima Bhutto, her brother artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Menaal Munshey to raise funds for flood affected areas in Sindh. “I am so grateful to Mohsin Hamid for helping Indus Relief 2022 raise funds for urgent flood relief in Pakistan,” read the caption. They also thanked the trio that arranged the session as part of their multi-event fundraising series.

Adding that the class is open to anyone in the world, they shared the registration details. There are two simple steps — one to make a donation to the Indus Relief 2022 GoFundMe page which has a minimum amount of $45. For Pakistanis, it has encouraged them to donate a minimum of Rs3,500 to the Legal Aid Society or Edhi Foundation. Step two is to email the receipt to

Zulfikar introduced his followers to the upcoming event as well and wrote, “Proud to be working alongside my sister Fatima Bhutto and dear friend Menaal Munshey for this multi-event series to raise funds for rebuilding and rehabilitation in Northern Sindh.”

Fatima shared some heartbreaking statistics of how much damage the floods have caused, pointing out the adverse aftereffects. “Pakistan is grappling with an unprecedented national emergency caused by a super flood. Nearly a thousand people have lost their lives, more than 300 of whom were children, 35 million have been internally displaced, entire villages have been destroyed, nearly a million livestock lost and tens of thousands of homes washed away overnight,” she wrote.

“The scale of disaster is immense and the number of casualties is rising. One in six Pakistanis have already been badly affected by the super flood. This is climate change and a lack of disaster preparedness at its worst.”

She then revealed the action plan and said they are fundraising for the above mentioned NGOs and local hospitals. The creative way they have decided to go about it is by arranging a series of events including an online auction, a masterclass and direct donations over the coming week. “First up is a writing masterclass with Mohsin Hamid! Please see the post for details. See you Thursday!” she concluded.

If you are looking for somewhere to donate, we have compiled a list of organisations you can donate to.


M. Emad Aug 30, 2022 05:41am
Balochistan, KP Flood victims ??
Tarique Mahmood Aug 30, 2022 06:40am
Good initiative for the cause of humanity. Flash flood killed in hundreds and injured in thousands, millions lost their houses and their other belongings. Majority of affected people belongs to agricultural background their crops and livestock washed away by flood. Therefore, affected people should be provided at least temporary shelter, food, hygiene and other basic needs. Now, it has responsibility of government, NGO's and wealthy people to provide support to affected people. Due to huge disaster and still water not yet receded in the affected areas, so there is also dire need of international communities support, specially from INGO's, UN and EU and first world countries like USA, UK , France, Germany, Japan and Muslim states like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, and Qatar etc to coordinate for the help and provide aid and emergency response for the affected people.
M. Emad Aug 30, 2022 06:44am
Who is this Mohsin Hamid ?
ENGR Hamid Shafiq Aug 30, 2022 12:00pm
Fatima Bhutto and her Brother billionaire properties in Pakistan why they request for funds why they donate their property as donation? Beggars mentality from rich to poor?