The trailer for Marvel’s I Am Groot is out now

Published 23 Jul, 2022 02:55pm

Images Staff

The collection of five originals shorts will start streaming on August 10.

<p>Photo: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube</p>

Photo: Marvel Entertainment/YouTube

Everyone’s favourite adorable, environmentally friendly little superhero is back! I Am Groot just dropped its trailer and Marvel will release the series as soon as next month.

On Friday, they posted the trailer captioned, “A hero of few words returns. I Am Groot, a collection of five original shorts, starts streaming August 10 on Disney Plus.

The clip seems to be inspired by Gulliver’s Travels as the young alien Groot’s spaceship leaves him on a planet with miniature blue creatures who, like the Lilliputians, fear him at first. They launch an attack on him with tiny weaponry but when Groot farts out a leaf — yes, you read that correctly — the tiny creatures look up at him in wonder, their glee resembling that of Minions as they gobble up the nutritious greens. The next few seconds of the trailer feature Groot vibing to party music, exploring the place and repeating the only words he knows how to say — “I am Groot”.

The cute, animated series is a Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff released out of Marvel Studios Comic-Con animation panel on Friday. The panel revealed that after the initial five animated shorts premiere this August, I Am Groot will return with additional episodes at a later date.

Voiced by Vin Diesel, Groot first appeared in the MCU in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which saw the character sacrifice himself to be replaced by his son, Baby Groot, who grew as a sapling out of his body. I am Groot is set to explore Baby Groot’s adventures across the galaxy away from the Guardians, as he meets new characters and finds himself in perilous situations.