Celebrate mango season with this yummy yoghurt dessert

Celebrate mango season with this yummy yoghurt dessert

This recipe is easy to make and ready in minutes.
Updated 21 Jun, 2022

There are countless reasons to hate summer but only one reason to love it — mangoes! And this one reason can make all summer problems go away!

When mangoes are aplenty, there are also plenty of ways that you can enjoy them. And despite being blamed for being very fattening, mangoes are not the culprits behind our calorie overload — that only happens because we just can't stop eating mangoes!

There are around 100 calories in one cup (165 grams) of fresh mango, and it is fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free. Let me stop gushing over why mangoes are the king of fruits and tell you what we are making today.

I am making a very nutritious and easy dessert that is totally divine — mango yoghurt dessert. Instead of cream, which is used in most mango desserts, I am using yoghurt to make it more nutritious, with fewer calories. But only use the yoghurt available in the packed form, usually in plastic jars, rather than the one sold in milk shops because it is important for the yoghurt to not be sour at all.

You can also use fresh homemade yoghurt if its taste is fresh and sweet. Either plain or sweetened yoghurt can be used, depending on your preference.

The recipe, with just four ingredients, makes about eight medium-sized dessert bowls. It is super easy to make and ready in minutes.


400g yoghurt

2 cups mango pieces (about 3 mangoes)

4 tablespoons condensed milk

Jelly made from 1 packet, of any flavour


Set aside about 2 tablespoons of mango pieces for topping. Make the jelly according to the instructions on the packet, cool to set.

Using a blender/food processor, or a hand blender like I have used, blend the mango pulp until smooth. Add the mango pulp to the yoghurt. Add condensed milk. You can use sugar or honey in place of condensed milk as a sweetener, but I prefer the delicious taste of condensed milk so I am using it.

Blend them all together until you get a silky smoothness, which will be in just a couple of minutes since we do not have to overbeat it to make it light and fluffy.

Fill any dessert bowl or shot glass with the mixture until two-thirds full. Now add the jelly and the mango pieces kept aside in the beginning. The jelly was a little on the thinner side, so it made a nice jelly layer on top. If yours is more firmly set, you can top with jelly cubes and the mango pieces. Refrigerate immediately and serve chilled.

This mango yoghurt dessert is best served chilled and consumed in a day, because the taste of the yoghurt can change if kept overnight. If making it a few hours in advance, for best results, top with the jelly and mango pieces just half an hour before serving.

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Originally published in Dawn, Young World, June 18th, 2022