'We consider our customers family': Inflation may be on the rise, but HSY's bridal couture prices aren't

'We consider our customers family': Inflation may be on the rise, but HSY's bridal couture prices aren't

The designer is also providing payment plans to ease his customers' burdens.
20 Jun, 2022

Brides-to-be, if you're stressing over the rising inflation getting in the way of you finding the perfect dress for your special day, designer HSY has got you covered!

Peak wedding season may be concentrated in certain months in Pakistan but we all know wedding season actually spans all year round. But with retail prices on the rise, people are reconsidering their wedding choices and cutting down. But if your preference for bridal couture is HSY, you have nothing to worry about — there will be no change in prices, the designer revealed on Saturday.

"We consider our customers our family who have helped us get to where we are today. As a way of giving back, we have decided not to raise our prices despite the tough times that we as a nation have been faced with. With prices going up day after day, the one thing you won’t have to worry about is wardrobe preps for the wedding season!" he captioned his video message on Instagram.

"To add a little something extra, we are also considering providing payment plans to accommodate you in any way that we can. Come visit us, talk to us and let us take care of your style needs," he added.

The designer addressed his followers in the reel and revealed why he has decided to keep his retail rates unchanged. "Assalamualaikum, I've always said whatever I am is because of my mother's prayers and because of Pakistan. Right now there's [rising] inflation in Pakistan and I want to be of help.

"At HSY, we've always tried to make you feel like family, to maintain mannerisms that don't make you feel like you're with strangers. These are trying times, you need all kinds of help when you're getting married. We want to help you during this inflation — everyone is changing their prices, obviously operation costs are going up, general costs are [also] going up so retail prices are also increasing."

He promised that there will be no change in his store's prices. "In this difficult time, we want to support you so please come to HSY and let us help us help you," he added.