Thor: Love and Thunder's trailer shows a new Asgard, Zeus and Natalie Portman as Lady Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder's trailer shows a new Asgard, Zeus and Natalie Portman as Lady Thor

The official teaser revealed that the upcoming film will hit theatres on July 8 this year.
19 Apr, 2022

Some Stormbreaker and Mjolnir action is coming your way this summer as Marvel Studios dropped the first teaser for the much-awaited film Thor: Love and Thunder. Starring Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the original cast, the fourth film of the Thor series is unlike anything you've seen before with additional characters that made surprise cameos in the first teaser.

On Monday, Hemsworth and the cast of the upcoming film took to Instagram to share the teaser with their followers.

The Extraction actor wrote that the new teaser offers "all feels" of a classic Thor adventure. "Big, loud, crazy and full of heart." He also said that you'll laugh and cry back and forth because of the film while also revealing the release date, which is July 8.

We noticed the trailer features some previously unconfirmed details, one of them being Natalie Portman's reprisal of the role of Jane Foster, this time as Lady Thor. The Black Swan star was seen in a proper hammer-wielding superhero outfit along with the famous hammer. There were also several details that took us back to 2019's Avengers: Endgame. Here are some key things that you may have missed in the trailer.

Thor hits the gym

We last saw Thor as a beer guzzling, snack eating antithesis to his previously fit self. But surprisingly, for his post-Endgame film, the hammer-wielding superhero is seen training in what looks like a cave for a new target or perhaps a goal that he has set to bring back the people of Asgard.

He is seen in a grey fit but with a twist of his own — a cap saying "Strongest Avengers," a fun callback to the Quinjet password scene in Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps it's hinting at the fact that the story will continue from where it left in the last Avengers film?

Asgard-ians of the Galaxy?

From Infinity War to Love and Thunder, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy go way back and somehow have built this unbreakable bond that's seen in the teaser as well. The new clip features Chris Pratt's Star Lord, Karen Gillan's Nebula, Pom Klementieff's Mantis, Vin Diesel's Groot, Sean Gunn's Kraglin, Bradley Cooper's Rocket, and Dave Bautista's Drax.

One that's missing from the scene is Zoe Saldaña's Gamora whom Thanos killed in Infinity War. She appeared in Endgame as well but since that phase is over, unfortunately she won't be a part of Love and Thunder. Though Saldaña has been confirmed to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it's still not sure if she will make a cameo in this movie.

Korg + Thor

A familiar face is also seen side by side with Thor and that's Korg, voiced by Taika Waititi. The soft-spoken rock monster was last seen in Ragnarok and has been friends with the God of Thunder ever since. Both Korg and Thor are seen rocking 80s inspired fits, with Thor's rock-band vest and sleeveless T-shirt that depicts Yggdrasil, a sacred tree from Norse mythology and Korg's belt that is giving Miss Trunchbull vibes from Matilda.

But what's interesting in this frame is the negative space on Thor's left, which means there may be another character yet to be revealed. It's a common practice by Marvel to remove characters to limit spoilers.

A realm of lightning?

The kingdom of Asgard was destroyed in Ragnarok but the new teaser shows an unidentified realm done up in shiny gold.

While the view of the new realm is unclear it gives a brief glimpse of a the interior resembling the Colosseum in Rome with a figure in a gold vest wielding a lightning bolt. It turns out that actor Russell Crowe will be playing the Greek god Zeus!

A new Asgard

Asgardians are seen settling in a new "kingdom" on Earth. The clip that shows a signboard welcoming people read, "welcome to New Asgard. Please drive slowly," as the tourists and cruise ships are seen at the back approaching the mystical landmark for a visit.

The new Asgard is not only limited to the refugees but people around the globe discovering their personalities and style of living.

King Valkyrie

Thor had run away from the Asgardian throne and in his place came Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) who took up rule and challenges. According to Marvel, her new and official title is King Valkyrie and she is seen in the teaser in a suit and pant giving her a boss appearance as she meets a governing council.

What we also spotted in the clip was Miek — Korg's alien best friend — by Valkyrie's side in a black and white plaid suit, guarding the meeting or perhaps the King. His new cameo proves that Miek has gone from being a Sakaar gladiator to a new Asgard government official who may be the right hand of Valkyrie herself.

Jane Foster and the hammer

Fan fantasies finally came true as the most anticipated reveal unveiled Lady Thor — Portman reprising her role as Jane Foster. The Oscar-winning actor was seen in the first two films as a scientist and love interest of the hammer wielding superhero himself. She sat out Ragnarok but she's back and this time she has a hammer of her own, to be precise Thor's Mjolnir that was originally destroyed by Hela.

Thor and Foster didn't part on best terms but their first glance said it all — their reunion will be as exciting to see as her wielding the broken hammer.

A broken hammer has its own story

While Thor is wielding his new weapon Stormbreaker, Mjolnir is seen in the hands of Foster who holds it up in the air with lightning striking through it and some bits of it and still broken. It was originally destroyed by Hela in Ragnarok and replaced by Thor with Stormbreaker in Infinity War. In Endgame, Thor snags it during his trip through time. The hammer was wielded by Captain America in its final scenes of that movie.

In the trailer, we see the original and broken version in action.

A new film calls for new gear

There's no fun unless Thor has a full outfit reveal. While his baggy clothes and rather bulky body played a major part in Endgame, Love and Thunder has revived his superhero outfit with a brand new red cape beginning from his shoulders to the two-toned metal vest, arm protection and a brand new Stormbreaker.

The one thing we didn't see was Christian Bale who will be seen as Gorr, the God Butcher, in the film. The over one minute teaser is just the beginning of what the MCU plans to offer during Thor and Lady Thor's mission and we can't wait to watch it in cinemas.


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Wow. Looks exciting.
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