Arooj Aftab reveals what she spoke to BTS about at the Grammys

Arooj Aftab reveals what she spoke to BTS about at the Grammys

The Grammy winner also thanked Hafeez Hoshiarpuri, the poet behind the lyrics of 'Mohabbat.'
08 Apr, 2022

Brooklyn-based singer — and Pakistan's first Grammy winner — Arooj Aftab answered fans' burning questions in a virtual "press release" and finally filled curious netizens in about what transpired between her and Korean boyband BTS who were seated together at the Grammys.

"Post Grammy press conference alertttttt!!! Addressing your most pressing questions about BTS, 'MOHABBAT', and the actual GRAMMY. LET'S GOOOO," Aftab captioned her video.

"Hello everyone, this is my official post-Grammy win press release, I suppose, because I'm being inundated by so many questions from you guys and I feel like I should answer at least three so that it's out there," the singer explained before diving right in.

"One thing, first of all, [that I] absolutely 100 per cent need to talk to you guys about and respond to — what did BTS say? Nothing man, they didn't say anything. I went up to them, I said 'Hey guys, what's up? Let's take a photo,' because we were all sitting next to each other the entire night. And they were like 'Sure, of course, yeah. Congratulations!' We took a photo and I said 'The Pakistani BTS army loves you.' And they said 'Thanks' and then I went back to my seat. So that's what happened with BTS," narrated Aftab.

Aftab also gave a shoutout to the poet who contributed to the lyrics of her Grammy-winning song and acknowledged his work. "Secondly, lots of love and respect — respect, respect, respect to Hafeez Hoshiarpuri obviously who wrote the poetry of the song 'Mohabbat.' Aside from that, you've never heard anything like my version of 'Mohabbat' and I am so grateful for all the love."

The singer also expressed gratitude for her fans, hoping she did justice to her cultural roots. "And I am so grateful to all of you who have gone on the journey of that song with me, where I've poured my whole soul out into it. I hope you that feel that this iconic standard from our region and from our culture has been done the honours to — or whatever that means."

Lastly, she shared where her Grammy was, promising to go live with it once it arrives. "The third question is where is the Grammy — they don't let you [keep it], they don't give it. They take it back and then they mail it to you later with your name on it. As soon as they mail it to me, I will go live with it [and] we'll play with it, don't worry about that."

Aftab ended the session overwhelmed, grateful and happy. She thanked her fans and appreciated all the love "coming through from all corners of the internet." "God bless and onwards," she concluded.


M. Saeed Apr 08, 2022 02:14pm
Very jubilant Aftab after her Urooj!
TTA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TTP Apr 08, 2022 03:49pm
Did they understand her? The most unflattering group of men if you can call them that.... BTS
CringeCop Apr 08, 2022 05:36pm
she’s 40.. no grace at all
Aiza Apr 08, 2022 06:14pm
What a deserving talent and beautiful soul Arooj is! Pakistan is so proud of you and can't wait to hear and see your unique interpretation of sufi music!
well wisher Apr 08, 2022 08:21pm
Keep well, Arooj and congrats. This is a big deal to share with friends, family and followers.
Ali Apr 09, 2022 01:20am
@CringeCop women in any form seems to make some people “CRINGE”.
Henchi Apr 09, 2022 03:09am
Is she still single?
Sara Apr 09, 2022 05:39am
@TTA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR TTP then who are ''flattering group of men" according to you? BTS are a class apart and they are an inspiration!
Abs Uk Apr 09, 2022 05:45am
Why she always looks really happy
A Apr 09, 2022 06:26am
It’s Great achievement and unlike many Pakistanis living abroad who are ashamed of identifying themselves as Pakistanis and hide behind Indian identity she is proud of being Pakistani.
Layla Apr 09, 2022 06:44am
So during my teenage, I searched for some soothing instrumentals with sounds of rain/thunder and I found one by Arooj, she was a fresh student of that music school. I loved it for so many years, I've forgotten the name now sadly and want to listen to it again.