5 reasons why you might want to start playing Free Fire

5 reasons why you might want to start playing Free Fire

Since 2019, Garena Free Fire has became the most downloaded mobile game globally.
Updated 24 Mar, 2022

With advancements happening concurrently in the portable gaming industry, gamers are now adapting to games that are dedicated to engagement.

When Battle Royale games were on a rise in 2017, smartphone gaming started to take over the PC and console gaming genres.

There are many reasons that make Garena Free Fire, a Battle Royale game, stand out amongst competitors, proving to be just the enhancement the modern smartphone gaming industry had been looking for.

Garena Free Fire focuses on providing a wide variety of content and experiences allowing the gamer to explore new and engaging adventures before even the game starts.

Let's discuss the top five reasons why:

Global connectivity

The interesting fact for many gamers is that Garena Free Fire connects various players throughout the world and brings them together in a digitally engaging vestibule.

Garena Free Fire continues to unite gamers and forms its global community, making a significant impact on the esports genre.

Amongst many, Garena Free Fire was a boom that, even today, provides an exceptional gaming experience.

Over the years, Garena Free Fire has taken over Pakistan’s Battle Royale franchise as its arcade venture alone is modern and twists up the old school 2D shooting game concept.

Social media value and existence

Free Fire is becoming an increasingly social platform itself as it connects people from all over the world on its servers. This allows interactions with different masses from various parts of the world.

Social media is also boosting up the virtual existence of Garena Free Fire by raising a fanbase community.

Also, many Discord gaming communities have dedicated channels that hold discussions on the gaming tactics of Garena Free Fire.

Even many Twitch streamers recently decided to get NFTs designed that represent characters from the Garena Free Fire lobby.

In the game, there are more than 40 characters that sum up to 45 in total; each individual character has its own unique trait that gives the player an advantage.

These attributes are abilities that include quick healing, navigating close-range enemies and increased speed.

Many in the community have their favourite players; top famous players in the Garena Free Fire community are Hayato, Kelly and Kia.

These characters have unique styles in gameplay tactics and their appearance customisation allows the players to pick attires for the characters.

With over 1 billion downloads recently, Garena Free Fire continues to establish itself as a long-lasting global platform.

Many sources cite that Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) has also complemented Garena Free Fire’s gameplay.

Many global influencers and celebs including Cristiano Ronaldo, Ali Zafar, Dj Alok and BTS have contributed to its promotion.

Device compatibility

With regards to devices, a device with an Android 4.4 equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU and a 1GB Ram with 1.5 GB storage is perfect for running Garena Free Fire smoothly.

While on iOS, it requires at least an iPhone 5S with iOS 9 or an iOS supported device with 1GB of RAM and 1.5GB of storage.

Although, Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire MAX run on low-end devices as well. With its resolution adjustment feature, players can tune the resolutions accordingly and join the game without any delays.

Engaging modes

Garena Free Fire introduces many entertaining modes to choose from, promising unique gameplay.

The famous modes include a focused one-on-one confrontation between the main character and the main antagonist.

On the other hand, the team versus team option makes squads take on each other as one.

Garena Free fire still stays a diverse game to this day as there is always a new update of its distinct modes. Some of the famous ones include 'Ranked game', 'Clash squad', 'Pet Rumble', 'Cosmic racer', 'Pet ludo' and 'Big head'.

These updates bring new adventures, challenges and prizes for the players.

Esports impact

Connecting players from around the globe and giving them the opportunity to stand out, Garena Free Fire has also entered the esports scenario, showcasing smartphone gameplay skills.

Garena Free Fire holds international competitions, like Free Fire World Series (FFWS), that offer an accelerated career opportunity in the gaming industry.

Throughout the years, Garena Free Fire has organised numerous events with specific themes; these creative themes include improved and unique storylines.

Garena Free Fire favours its community with special top-up offers, local holidays, global events making sure to give back the love from the players by offering them special discounts, unique prizes that include impressive in-game items.

Free Fire continues to establish itself as a long-lasting global platform, connecting gamers globally.

This global reach enables Garena Free Fire to take the Battle Royale gaming experience to the next stage.

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Most p2w game ever .avoid at all cost
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