Maryam Nawaz, Shehzad Roy and other public figures are celebrating female strength this Women's Day

Maryam Nawaz, Shehzad Roy and other public figures are celebrating female strength this Women's Day

Politicians and celebrities took to social media to share special messages on women empowerment and rights.
08 Mar, 2022

March 8 is International Women's Day — a day meant to celebrate women and raise awareness for their rights around the world. Many of Pakistan's public figures, politicians and celebrities took to social media and shared special messages on the occasion, celebrating women as "the epitome of strength and courage" and calling on everyone to demand the rights guaranteed to women in the Constitution.

Celebrities like Shehzad Roy, Atiqa Odho and Shaniera Akram took to Instagram to wish everyone a happy Women's Day.

Roy wished the "students, teachers and management team of Zindagi Trust and everyone else" on the occasion and celebrated the achievement of school going girls in various sports. "There is no field that girls can't excel in when given the opportunity," he said. "They can leave all us men behind."

"May we always embrace our strengths and empower each other," posted Odho on Instagram.

Akram wished everyone on March 8, saying the day is "not about putting down men but about respecting and uplifting each other". "It is a day to celebrate so loud that those who don't think they are enough will hear our roar!" she said.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter to post a special message as well. "To every woman out there. You are the epitome of strength and courage. You define the very fabric of the society. You make the world beautiful. It is said that being a woman itself is a superpower. Make the most of it. You go girls," she posted.

Models Kiran Malik and Mushk Kaleem also wished their followers on Instagram stories.

Every year on March 8, men and women take part in Aurat Marches across the country to demand institutional and social change to uplift women in Pakistan. PPP Senator Sherry Rehman took to Twitter and urged everyone to keep fighting the good fight.

Actor Adnan Malik urged everyone to march as well and expressed sadness over not being able to attend this year's Aurat March because of a "debilitating case of food poisoning".

He also used the opportunity to highlight captain of Pakistan Women's Cricket Team Bismah Maroof for thriving as a mother and cricketer, without having to choose one over the other.

He commended Maroof's husband, Abrar Ahmad, for supporting the athlete, as he should.

Cricketers Shahid Afridi and Sana Mir also posted on social media.

"You are the nourishing power of the universe," Afridi wrote. "You make it come alive, more colourful and inspirational. Being a father of 5 wonderful girls, I can proudly say women have the strength to move the world. Let's celebrate them everyday and support them to break the bias."

"Happy Women's day to all," tweeted Mir.

Happy Women's Day to everyone from team Images!


Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 08, 2022 02:48pm
United we stand, divided we fall.
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NYS Mar 08, 2022 03:36pm
Joyous International Women's Day
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Dr Asim Mar 08, 2022 04:09pm
Shaneira at least be a Pakistani and respect the women's dress on International Women's day with your attire being modest as well as locally considerate.
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Hasnain Haque Mar 08, 2022 05:24pm
Amongst lots of good women role models, where does Maryam Nawaz fit in, what has she achieved, what empowerment has she given to women, what qualifications does she have, what hardship has she endured, what success has she achieved.
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Hasnain Haque Mar 08, 2022 05:26pm
@Dr Asim Why you looking at her dress, why not concentrate on her achievements and what she does for women empowerment, very typical of you, comment on her dress rather than what she stands for.
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Ehsan Mar 08, 2022 08:22pm
@Dr Asim this is the mentality aurat march is against
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tarik Mar 08, 2022 09:23pm
Also who so ever commit crimes deserves just punishment. Don’t hide behind being a woman.
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sidC Mar 08, 2022 09:40pm
@Dr Asim You don't get it. Stop dictating .
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Khan Mar 08, 2022 10:51pm
@Dr Asim This is why the march is necessary. Because of people like you.
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Ibrahim S Mar 08, 2022 11:32pm
Where is our First Lady ?
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Khalid iqbal Mar 09, 2022 01:46am
It’s shame how many politicians pay lip service to the March and do very little in their personal capacity for the rights of the down trodden women in Pakistan .
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Berta Mar 09, 2022 02:11am
Happy women's day to my sisters in the east From a sister in the west
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Syed Hasni Mar 09, 2022 02:42am
For me it is Afridi all the way, very nice picture.
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Alal Mar 09, 2022 09:46am
Maryam Nawaz should enjoy her looted inherited wealth and not worry about other women
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AHAQ Mar 09, 2022 03:00pm
How come convicted corrupts like Maryam Nawaz claim to be upholders of womens rights
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