Bismah Maroof is nailing both cricket and motherhood — and netizens are in awe

Bismah Maroof is nailing both cricket and motherhood — and netizens are in awe

Her baby daughter made an appearance after the Pakistan vs India match and the Indian cricket team couldn't get enough of her.
07 Mar, 2022

Bismah Maroof, the captain of Pakistan women's national cricket team, is all the cricketing world could talk about after Pakistan's match against India during the ICC Women's World Cup on Sunday. Maroof's baby daughter became the centre of an endearing moment between teams India and Pakistan after little Fatima made a public appearance in her mother's arms post match.

We caught our first glimpse of little Fatima after Maroof and the team arrived at Bay Oval in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, ahead of their match against India.

Thankfully, that wasn't the last we saw of Maroof's daughter. She reappeared in front of the cameras after her mother brought her out post match, and the Indian cricket team just couldn't get enough of her.

Many stood around Maroof and tried to grab little Fatima's attention. For a few moments, the captain's daughter seemed to have brought both teams together as rivalries (and political animosities) were put aside. This wholesome bonding moment between India and Pakistan didn't go unnoticed on the internet.

"What a photo," commented one user on Twitter. "India players with Pakistan captain Bismah Maroof and her kid after the World Cup game..."

"This will warm your heart in beautiful ways," tweeted another user.

Many netizens appreciated how the moment cemented Maroof's legacy as an athlete determined to thrive as mother as well without having to choose one over the other — a feat that stands as a source of inspiration for other women.

"Bismah Maroof's legacy will go far beyond her achievements on the field. In a society that often tells women to make choices between career and family, she's showing that you can have both! Such an inspiring person," read a tweet.

"In a society where women have to choose one in career and family, Bismah Maroof showing that both can be done. Very inspiring!" said one user.

Maroof became a mother last year in August, 2021. In an interview to Reuters earlier this month, she talked about spearheading Pakistan's campaign at the World Cup in New Zealand after becoming a mother, a comeback she hopes will inspire female cricketers in her homeland and beyond.

Thirty-year-old Maroof said she owes her return to the parental support policy introduced by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) last year. “I didn't have any clarity about my future at that time. It seemed all's over,” Maroof said. “Then I spoke to the PCB management and (coach) David Hemp. They told me 'You can come back. Players in Australia, New Zealand and England do come back' (from motherhood).”

Maroof was the first beneficiary of the new PCB policy which entitled her to 12 months of paid maternity leave and a guaranteed contract extension. She would also have a support person — her mother — in New Zealand to help look after her child so she can focus on cricket.

“Without the policy, I probably would've quit the game by now,” said the batting all-rounder. “Now I can travel with my daughter, and with my mother around, I can focus on cricket knowing my kid is in safe hands."

Well, there's no denying it. Maroof's commitment to nailing both motherhood and cricket is truly an inspiration for not just women in sports but also women in other careers and pursuits, especially in Pakistan, a country where women often have to quit their jobs after becoming mothers because of societal pressure or lack of institutional support. With the right policies and support system in place, women can carry their careers alongside motherhood — and Maroof is testament to that.

While many are cheering on Maroof for "doing it all", we hope this support continues even if the captain chooses to focus on her daughter before her career. Making that choice will not make the Maroof any less of the brilliant athlete she already is.


Nasir S. Mar 07, 2022 12:25pm
Why is our captain taking her baby long to the world cup? This is the biggest stage where the team and captain need their full attention to the event.
Realistic Mar 07, 2022 12:30pm
She needs to retire
Vijay B. Mar 07, 2022 12:31pm
All respects to Ms. Bismah Maroof and love to her daughter Fatima. I see no mention of the husband or the dad in the article anywhere I guess in the scheme of things, shall we assume that he is of no account?
A Mar 07, 2022 12:32pm
Nice. This is awesome. There should be more cricket between India and Pakistan but no IPL.
Baboo Mar 07, 2022 12:41pm
Luckily @Fastrack didn't write any hateful comment here
Rock Solid- 2.0 Mar 07, 2022 01:00pm
Excellent Camaraderie!
Khan D Mar 07, 2022 01:07pm
Little cutie pie . She is already in training by both India and Pakistan cricketers to take over when mom retires.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Mar 07, 2022 01:14pm
That's exactly why she is not only a great mom but also an excellent cricketer.
Shampee Mar 07, 2022 01:57pm
Ok ok, it's her personal life, but professionally she could only contribute mere 15 runs and Pak lost the match.
Hwh Mar 07, 2022 02:00pm
@Baboo, may be not well. Get well soon @Fastrack.
Jai Mahakaal Mar 07, 2022 02:10pm
@A anyway IPL is not for Pakistanis.
Milind Mar 07, 2022 02:20pm
Indians are always good at heart...
JustSaying Mar 07, 2022 02:35pm
@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad " That's exactly why she is not only a great mom but also an excellent cricketer.. " That's Alright Sir... but where's the Father of the Kid...? where's he Hiding...?? Why can't he take a little Responsibility of taking Charge for a Change.. ?? Why Leave the Burden on the Ladies only..?? Talk of Equal Rights......???
Kirren Mar 07, 2022 02:42pm
@Baboo Fastrack is more like useless track. His comments are like him without any head or tail. He sounds like a broken record.
kash Mar 07, 2022 02:43pm
@Nasir S. cos hubby cant look after the baby. Typical Pakistani man thing.
Jalal Mar 07, 2022 02:51pm
@Nasir S. You clearly don’t belong to the 21’st century.
Jayant Mar 07, 2022 02:53pm
Indian girls won twice, match & the hearts of millions
Michael D'Souza Mar 07, 2022 03:08pm
Pakistan lost to India again, straight 11th time in a row.
Musheer Hussain Mar 07, 2022 03:14pm
Wonderful moment A complete cricketer mother and sportswoman Kudos to her the Pakistan team and the women cricket players all over the world
Taj Ahmad - Love for all Mar 07, 2022 04:52pm
Very nice and heart touching baby bring love and smile to Indian team members as well.
Constantine Mar 07, 2022 05:12pm
Aww heartwarming
Pakwada Mar 07, 2022 05:54pm
@Baboo Luckily @Fastrack didn't write any... You never know, wait for it.
Pakwada Mar 07, 2022 05:55pm
Nice moments, when it comes to baby. No more rivalry. Nice to see they all are enjoying...
Fastrack Mar 07, 2022 06:21pm
@Baboo This is an absolutely gorgeous gesture. Life is not devoid of love, dear. But have you lost thousands of innocent countryfolk, nearly including your brother and sister, to terrorism? I have. We have. India has got to stop the hate. I hate hate, and I love love. Its really that simple. Is it bad to know and give back? Cheers.
Reality Check Mar 07, 2022 07:02pm
@Fastrack If what you think is true who can stop it? And should you hate all Indians? Do you?
Jigen.m19 Mar 07, 2022 07:33pm
The reason why she lost by 107 runs to India. Should have kept the kids home
Sayyar Khan Mar 07, 2022 07:59pm
@Nasir S. You are not a mother so you won’t understand. Her attention is there if the baby was in Pakistan she won’t be able to concentrate. Hats off to PCB for letting the baby go
MBA Mar 07, 2022 08:56pm
A beutiful role medel for our ladies. Wish you a lot of success in all fields!
MBA Mar 07, 2022 08:59pm
@Nasir S. Why not??? I presume, the baby is not a burden but gives an important motivation to fight on the field.
CS Mar 07, 2022 09:02pm
Go Bismah go! Your picture is actually helping in educating people at large. Usually mentally is once you have a baby women should retire from whatever she is doing. It is true taking care of baby is a full time job but with little help from partners (spouse/Grand Parents etc.) it is doable. PM of New Zealand has showed it can be done, so it is definitely possible. Lead from Front!
MugalPrince Mar 07, 2022 11:21pm
After a horrible performance against India... She is parading around her baby... I guess dismal performance by Pakistani Women Cricket is a norm.
Kimpu Khan Mar 08, 2022 12:31am
Don't understand what's going on here. A mother is trying to perform her role - of being a mother while trying to work. A lot of women in our part of the world do that.
Raz Khan Mar 08, 2022 01:07am
A great mother and a role model!
Abs Mar 08, 2022 01:55am
In the middle of pandemic not a wise move to expose your child to so many people.
Syed Hafeez Imran Mar 08, 2022 02:53am
@Realistic and may i ask WHY//
Hanna Mar 08, 2022 04:53am
@Realistic did Afridi or any other male cricket retire after having kids?why the hypocrisy?
P. Nag Mar 08, 2022 05:34am
In every woman's heart, a mother lives. So, no strange Indian players admire little Fatima.
Abbasshah Mar 08, 2022 11:45am
The attention diverted not focused on the original work.?
Layla Mar 09, 2022 04:29am
With due respect, bismah maroof is a cricketer for us Pakistani women. Honestly I don't care about her motherhood or her baby, but I do care about her performance and it was disappointing! Please take some responsibility for such a poor team performance as a sportsperson and be sincere to your profession!
Rehana Bounse Mar 09, 2022 10:20pm
@Vijay B. What? Does he have to be mentioned?