Inventing Anna becomes Netflix's top-rated English language series in a week

Inventing Anna becomes Netflix's top-rated English language series in a week

The limited series explores an investigative story on con artist Anna Delvey (Sorokin) who defrauded Manhattan's elites.
Updated 24 Feb, 2022

Streaming giant Netflix's Inventing Anna, a limited series that explores the case of a conwoman named Anna Delvey (Sorokin) who defrauds Manhattan's elites, has become its top-rated English language serial in a week.

According to BBC, the show was watched for 196 million hours last week, on top of the 77 million hours it was watched the weekend it was released. The nine-episode series stars Julia Garner as the conwoman who fooled people after claiming to be a German heiress.

But Inventing Anna is not the only show that scored millions of watch hours. The Witcher, Maid and Money Heist are still in the streaming platform's top charts. None of these shows, however, were able to break the record of Korean series Squid Game that received almost 572 million watch hours. The second most watched show on the platform is another Korean drama, All of Us Are Dead, that racked up 236 million hours.

Inventing Anna is based on the real life case of Sorokin, who had conned friends she had made in Manhattan and was convicted on multiple fraud charges in 2019. The series shows journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky) keen on finding the clues about Sorokin and writing an investigative story. The story itself reveals all the people she associated with, talks of the court proceedings and the amount of money she had taken from people.

The show is based on an article written by Jessica Pressler in 2018 for The Cut. But while the show has many fans, Sorokin's real life former friend Rachel Williams had told Vanity Fair that the show "profits Sorokin" and that it is very "problematic".


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