Ali Gul Pir's new song 'Cousin Dhazan' tackles the transition from cousin siblings to cousin marriage

Ali Gul Pir's new song 'Cousin Dhazan' tackles the transition from cousin siblings to cousin marriage

He says it's "a love song for cousins who grew up together and then ended up marrying each other".
14 Feb, 2022

Ali Gul Pir is known for tackling stereotypes and making amusing songs out of them and he's back with another number that is sure to get you chuckling. 'Cousin Dhazan' just dropped Feb 14, which Pir had 'announced' by posting a "save the date" card earlier. People — including us! — were fooled into thinking he was getting married on Valentine's Day, given his recent engagement, but it turns out it was a "save the date" for his new song.

"A love song for cousins who grew up together and then ended up marrying each other. I bring you 'Cousin Dhazan'!" Pir captioned the music video, adding a special thank you for saxophonist, Lenny Massey.

The music video features Pir and actor Rose Muhammad who plays his cousin-wife on vacation near the sea as he sings along to scenes of them dining together. All of it is accompanied by the backdrop of the saxophone, in some scenes even the saxophonist. The semi-parody takes an actual issue and makes it funny. Pir is seen dancing on a table and eating fruit in a way that adds to the humorous aspect of the song.

"I’ve always found it funny how you grow up with your cousins, call them bhai [brother] or aapi [sister] then one day your parents decide that you will marry one of them. Now suddenly, it’s bhai to charpoy! Love can be awkward. That’s my new song 'Cousin Dhazan' premiering at 3pm!" Pir wrote in his song announcement, mere hours before the scheduled time, clarifying the earlier misconception the card he'd posted caused. Fans praised the marketing tactic he used.

The card had said "save the date" with the specified date and caricatures of Pir and what seemed like his fiancé.

Some fans who knew him well knew they couldn't take his word seriously.

Others congratulated him asking if his fiancé was his maternal aunt's daughter.

What do you think of Pir's new song?


A Mandal Feb 14, 2022 06:51pm
How disgusting can it be marrying a cousin.
Truth be told Feb 14, 2022 06:57pm
"bhai to charpoy" is an odd reference by him. Care to explain?
Ehsan Feb 14, 2022 07:41pm
Uncomfortable truth
Pandu Feb 14, 2022 08:21pm
Wow this is funny? Consanguineous marriages lead to all sorts of problems like Downs syndrome and stupidity. Rampant in Pakistan .
Adeel Feb 14, 2022 08:48pm
Pakistan is suffering is severe medical issues due to such marriages. Why is Ali Gul Pir glorifying this? Show the aftermath of these marriages. Leukemia, Down's Syndrome, dumbness and many other blood diseases. Make a song about what happens to the children of cousin marriages.
Anonymouseee Feb 14, 2022 09:12pm
Not everyone is close to their cousins or mingle with them freely when they grow up. The singer must be from a progressive family.
Ahmed Feb 14, 2022 09:22pm
So many diseases are caused by marriages outside cousins. Start by giving them a clearance certificate before raising a finger at cousin marriages. Let go of this hypocrisy.
Jamil Soomro, New York City Feb 14, 2022 09:57pm
This is totally disgusting Video by Ali Gul Pir on Marriage between blood relatives Cousin Brother and Cousin Sister. Shameful.
Imran Ahmed Feb 14, 2022 10:31pm
Facts Feb 14, 2022 11:30pm
@Ahmed true . Such Diseases can be caused by any reasons regardless of marrying anybody. Its just stupid argument.
Facts Feb 14, 2022 11:38pm
There is no such thing as cousin sibling. Your brother and sisters are those who are born from your parents and those have right in inheritance defined by law. Full stop
Facts Feb 14, 2022 11:42pm
@Jamil Soomro, New York City there is no such term. Prove it and share your inheritance with your cousins. Lol . We will see. Hypocrites
Krs Feb 14, 2022 11:55pm
It's a medical disaster. So many birth defects associated with such marriages. Also how can one look up to a brother as a husband. Isn't this incest. . One plus point is children born out of such marriages can call their father abbu or mamu. How convenient.
Hanna Feb 15, 2022 12:07am
@Pandu Its not really funny,it's just satire on our regressive society
Umar Feb 15, 2022 02:32am
It's so funny people in comments linking diseases to cousin marriages. Leukemia is a cancer, has nothing to do with cousin marriages. Neither does down's syndrome. That's because of lack of folic acid in pregnancy. Thalessemia and Haemophilia are diseases that can be inherited via cousin marriages. But even that can be avoided if you screen the couple. Even liberal Pakistanis lack a brain to think with, me being one of them, am shocked.
FAZ Feb 15, 2022 08:38am
@Truth be told Personal issue may be?
Sane Mind1st Feb 15, 2022 04:30pm
Cousin marriages are common in Pakistan and moreover acceptable too. So please all , no fuss. Enjoy life.
Yusra Feb 15, 2022 06:12pm
@Sane Mind1st These marriages are only valid in uncivilised regions of the world.
Sane Mind1st Feb 15, 2022 11:37pm
Bhai. Bhai. Shohar. Shohar. Pakistani women's' world is just this.
Jamil Soomro, New York City Feb 16, 2022 05:33pm
@Facts Get your "Facts" right. It is not about inheritance. It is about Cousins and their blood relationship to each other. Cousins are part of ones family. Period.