Anoushey Ashraf's Monday motivation is love from her fans

Published 07 Feb, 2022 02:51pm

Images Staff

"I work the hardest for love and respect. To give love and to get love. To be able to help. It motivates me the most," she said.

Photo: Anoushey Ashraf/Instagram
Photo: Anoushey Ashraf/Instagram

It's a refreshing start to the week when a celebrity decides to take a moment out of their day to thank their fans and pen a note dedicated to them. RJ and actor Anoushey Ashraf did just that, sharing messages from her adoring fans, saying her biggest motivation is the love she is gives and receives. The actor said it inspires her to work harder and keep growing.

The VJ and actor posted screenshots of some of the messages she's received from fans who've found her show and work uplifting captioned, "MY MONDAY MOTIVATION! I work hard, yes. I work for the money, yes. I also want to buy good stuff, occasionally. I wanna feed my pets good food, I wanna travel the world and I want to buy my favourite car… And so I work hard and I'm 200% grateful for the work I have. However… I work the HARDEST for love and respect. To give love and to get love. To be able to help. It motivates me the most."

The messages included women from different age groups and professions telling the actor how she's made their mornings easier with her show, inspiring them to work harder and keep going.

The RJ defined extending oneself for your own and another’s spiritual growth, making an effort, and helping others grow as "true love." She added that she stays motivated "because of love and when I get all this love in return, I want to work harder so we keep this cycle of loving, giving and growing going for a long time to come."

Saying she's not selfless, Ashraf expressed that this response to her love brings her utmost joy. "There are so many messages in my inbox, I can only share a few but please know I read each of them when I have the time. Today I send you motivation, inspiration and tons of energy to start your week right. You’re in my duas [prayers]," she told fans.