To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor is engaged

Updated 29 Jan, 2022 07:19pm

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Her fiancé Anthony De La Torre collaborated with Vietnamese jewellers to design the ring in honour of Condor's heritage.

Photo: Lana Condor/Instagram
Photo: Lana Condor/Instagram

It looks like Cupid arrived early and struck To All the Boys I've Loved Before Lana Condor and her boyfriend of six years, Anthony De La Torre, with his arrow. The couple have announced that they are engaged.

Condor took to Instagram to share the good news, gushing over the proposal and revealing that saying yes was "the easiest decision" she's ever made. "I consider myself the absolute luckiest woman alive to live in your sphere. Aside from my father, without a doubt, you are the greatest man in the world." Referring to their dogs she added, "Emmy & Timmy said it’s about time mommy & daddy got engaged!"

Sharing details about her engagement ring, the Netflix star said, "Anthony worked with the INCREDIBLE Vietnamese female owned Paris Jewellers Canada to design the most stunning piece I’ve ever seen!" She pointed out his thoughtfulness in choosing a ring that was connected to her Vietnamese heritage and said, "I cannot wait to be your wife, baby. I love you a million times over."

The couple had chosen joint posts to announce the news. De La Torre's post read, "That moment when you ask your best friend to be by your side forever… I’ve wanted to do this for six years." Like Condor, he called asking "this angel to be my wife" the "easiest decision" he's made.

The American actor and musician said he's "grateful" to have collaborated with the Vietnamese owned Paris Jewellers Canada in designing the ring. "Every detail of the ring has purpose and means so much to us both," he added.

Condor was quick to comment on his post, "I wake up every day so unbelievably honoured to be your fiancé. I love you baby."

Photo: Anthony De La Torre/Instagram
Photo: Anthony De La Torre/Instagram

Condor has revealed details about their relationship in the past and gushed over her boyfriend, "He's the best. He'll leave me little messages taped to my bathroom mirror on days I have to wake up early for work," she shared with Cosmopolitan UK "He once picked up my favourite take-out food after work and served it up properly on our kitchen table, with little sticky notes attached to each plate saying how proud of me he is."

She also spoke about how De La Torre helped her be more emotionally open. "I was not a vulnerable person prior to meeting Anthony. It was very hard for me to talk about my emotions," she told People. "He has helped me so much in creating a safe space where I feel I can actually talk about anything and everything that is going on in my head and in my body."