Sharmila Faruqi initiates legal action against 'shameless' Nadia Khan for video of her mother

Sharmila Faruqi initiates legal action against 'shameless' Nadia Khan for video of her mother

The TV show host made a video 'complimenting' Anisa Faruqi's makeup, something Sharmila took great offence to.
Updated 20 Jan, 2022

TV show host Nadia Khan has once again landed in hot water, this time for making a video with Anisa Faruqi, the mother of PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi, in which she "complimented" her makeup and sense of style. Though this would ordinarily seem like a perfectly nice thing to do, this video didn't seem to have been made with the intentions of being entirely complimentary. Sharmila didn't think it was either.

She called it a mockery and said she will be taking legal action against Khan for it. On Thursday evening, Sharmila filed a case against Khan with the FIA.

The video has been doing the rounds on social media and was shared by an Instagram page called Centre Stage. The politician commented on the video and wrote, "She’s a shameless woman, I’m reporting her to cybercrime officially."

It seems like Khan met Anisa at a wedding. "Who does your makeup, it's so beautiful?" she asks the politician's mother, who responded that she does it herself. The host-cum-actor then asked where she learnt to do makeup and Anisa credited her daughter.

Khan commented on her dressing sense, jewellery and makeup and asked when she started carrying herself the way she does. Anisa answered her questions with grace and dignity, but her daughter was not ready to let Khan's probing questions slide.

Sharmila addressed the fiasco on her Instagram Stories on Thursday and thanked everyone for their support.

"I, for one will never sit back and allow any person to ridicule/mock any woman may it be my mother or yours. It's unfortunate to see a woman gibe at another woman, that too an elderly lady who lost her husband 95 days ago. I will be personally going and filing the complaint at the FIA cyber Crime head office at 3pm today," Sharmila wrote.

"To all my well wishers expecting me to take a gibe at Nadia Khan's personal polygamy and professional shenanigans, I won't be doing that, simply because that's not how I have been brought up by my parents," she wrote, refusing to sink to that level.

Sharmila also said that she respects every individual's "personal struggle, private and professional life" and would not "stoop to the low levels most people do." She highlighted that this will be taken up as per law and that she would "leave the rest to God".

At around 5pm, Sharmila posted a picture of herself at the FIA office, filing the complaint against Khan.

On the surface Khan's video may not seem anything to get angry at — one woman seemingly complimenting another. However, it is clear that the video wasn't made with the best of intentions. Anisa has the right to dress as she pleases and no one should be trying to shame or mock her for it. If her makeup style isn't to your taste, don't do your makeup like that. To make a video clearly mocking an elderly woman is horrible and crass.

Khan should be held accountable for this decision. It's about time we realise that we don't need to poke our noses everywhere and comment directly or indirectly on other people's appearances.

We're glad Sharmila is holding Khan accountable and hope that people learn from this and stop commenting on and making fun of people.