Oscar Isaac is Marvel's latest superhero in its series Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac is Marvel's latest superhero in its series Moon Knight

The trailer for the series is out and the show is scheduled to release on March 30.
18 Jan, 2022

The New Year means a new set of releases for entertainment giants Marvel Studios. There are already a bunch of exciting projects in the pipeline, such as Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, and another series has made it onto our to-watch list. Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac will be releasing on March 30 and its trailer is out.

The series is based on an ex soldier named Marc Spector who also goes by the name Steven Grant — played by Isaac — who has an identity disorder. His insomnia makes him a channel for an Egyptian moon god named Khonshu, which further aggravates his anxiety.

The trailer for the show begins with Kid Cudi's 2008 hit 'Day 'N' Nite' and Steven/Marc holding onto a Rubik's cube as he speaks to a helpline, describing his sleeping disorder and the difference between his life and dreams. He jumps out of bed only to find out that he is chained to the bed.

He seems to have forgotten how he got into such a position and moves on with his day working at a museum. The gallery he works at specifically caters to Egyptian artefacts and that is where he connects with Khonshu without realising it. He later meets another character played by Ethan Hawke, the villain who tells Steve/Marc to follow the darkness within and to embrace it. Later into the trailer he is seen being enveloped by the Moon Knight who can be seen beating up another creature.

Almost Venom like, the character of Steven/Marc is seen following the instructions of his new inner self Khonshu who takes him from America to Egypt and so on. Moon Knight is a completely new superhero for the Marvel Universe and is unlike previous Disney Plus series that focused on existing characters from the Marvel comics.

So far, Moon Knight has no connection with the MCU, however, fans are convinced that he might be seen side by side with Doctor Strange.