Shan Foods' World of Flavours stall is serving fusion recipes at Karachi Eat Festival 2022

Shan Foods' World of Flavours stall is serving fusion recipes at Karachi Eat Festival 2022

The stall will be offering uniquely curated tacos, noodles, wontons and a lot more.
Updated 15 Jan, 2022

Shan World of Flavours has launched at The Karachi Eat Festival with a bang!

The beloved household brand has taken foodies over by storm with its fusion creations from all over the world, like never before.

It’s just been one day but looks like people can’t get enough of Shan World of Flavours already, which is one of the most happening stalls at KEF 2022.

The brand is offering new flavours from different parts of the world, with so many options that it will be hard to try just one.

No, we are not talking about the ghar ka khana you always enjoy making at home with Shan.

This time they have curated top recipes inspired by global cuisines; Tacos from Mexico, Noodles from Japan, Wontons from China and of course some great desi twists from Pakistan. With all the limits to traveling thanks to Covid, SHAN is bringing unique items from all around the world to your city.

And guess what?

All the food that is at the festival and being relished by foodies is created by chefs using Shan's very own mazaydaar masala. A professional food expert was specially hired by Shan so they can bring their international food experience to the table.

Another good news which would be a cherry on top for all the foodies in town is that everything at Shan World is available under Rs200!

The whole experience, food and event, are going to be the talk of the town and you have a chance to be part of it. Visit Shan World of Flavours at KEF and don’t miss out on these unique dishes!

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Nads Jan 15, 2022 03:22pm
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Shahab Taj Jan 15, 2022 05:34pm
Love Shan Masala Purchased beef nihari in USA. Meat was not tough the nihari sauce had no taste. Please taste the frozen food to make sure it meets your QA.
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Ehsan Jan 15, 2022 07:43pm
Shan food needs to up its game so they get in to mainstream international grocery stores
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Cye Jan 16, 2022 03:31am
Shan still way better than a lot of other brands.
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Kamal Jan 16, 2022 06:19am
Improve your packaging and information of the contents with detailed nutrient info...
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LAHORI KID Jan 16, 2022 08:37am
In today’s world, and living abroad, working 7 days a week, masalas like Shan are the way to go, no guess work, guys like me cook one fish abs eat it until it’s gone, we don’t have the luxury of making breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. No complaints. Thank you Shan.
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