Coke Studio season 14 is dropping today and Twitter users are welcoming it with open arms

Coke Studio season 14 is dropping today and Twitter users are welcoming it with open arms

This season Rohail Hyatt has passed the baton to Xulfi and netizens can't wait to see what's in store.
14 Jan, 2022

Coke Studio season 14 promises to change things up by introducing some fresh talent to its lineup such as Young Stunners, Faris Shafi and Hasan Raheem, along with legends who've already made a mark such as Abida Parveen, Atif Aslam and Ali Sethi. After a long wait and an exciting trailer featuring the artist lineup, season 14 is finally ready to drop and netizens are welcoming it with open arms and open hearts.

Rohail Hyatt, the maestro and OG Coke Studio lead, took to Twitter to wish the team his best and showed he had full faith in the man he handed his brainchild to when he said, "this season is destined to become the start of a new era in CS history under Xulfi’s watch."

Twitter users have expressed their excitement over the release today.

Some have been counting down to it.

And here's a user who's manifesting a "super lit" season to satisfy their Pakistani music cravings.

While another just knows it's going to be good.

Netizens never fail to remember Hyatt whenever Coke Studio is concerned.

Some Twitter users are excited about a particular artist and they're not holding back from raving about their fave. We have Aslam fans,

Meesha Shafi fans,

Young Stunner fans,

And Abdullah Siddiqui fans who think he might break the internet if he keeps trending like this.

Netizens are happy emerging artists are getting the recognition they deserve in the new season.

Some are really looking forward to the performances by the "debutants."

Coke Studio has Indian fans too who classify it as one of the "voices which are a treat to listen anytime."

We're as excited as other Coke Studio fans for this season and to see Xulfi's vision come to life.


Kulsoom Baloch Jan 14, 2022 03:03pm
The fragrance of music going to be changed into melodious climate.
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Faiz Jan 14, 2022 06:59pm
All the best for this season, Nescafe basement was awesome because of Xulfi. Last few Coke studio seasons were very forgettable.
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TPA Jan 15, 2022 09:40am
Coke studio is over hyped.
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