Comedian Ali Gul Pir is glad to be vaccinated after testing positive for Covid-19

Comedian Ali Gul Pir is glad to be vaccinated after testing positive for Covid-19

He recently contracted the virus but only has mild symptoms thanks to being vaccinated.
07 Jan, 2022

If there's one person who's super glad they got vaccinated against the coronavirus it's definitely Ali Gul Pir. The Karachi-based comedian recently tested positive for Covid-19 and only has mild symptoms, all thanks to being vaccinated.

Gul Pir took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the news with his followers. "I've been unwell since a week now," he shared. "I tested positive a few days back so [I'm] taking this time to chill and write. I’m feeling good now, just a mild cough. [I] can’t imagine how I would be feeling if I wasn’t vaccinated."

He urged netizens to get vaccinated in case they haven't done so already. "Please get vaccinated for your own safety and the safety of your family."

The comedian's followers seconded his words, saying how he's "absolutely right about vaccination".

Many wished Gul Pir a speedy recovery who thanked everyone for their concern in return.

The fifth wave of the coronavirus is rapidly intensifying in Pakistan. In Karachi, the positivity rate has doubled in one week alone, crossing the 10 per cent threshold , it emerged on Friday.

The NCOC strongly advises individuals to wear face masks in public places, practice social distancing and get vaccinated amongst other preventative measures in order to safeguard themselves against the coronavirus.


Dr Salaria Ahmed Part II Jan 07, 2022 05:23pm
Who cares??
Citizen Jan 07, 2022 05:46pm
This news should not appear as latest news.
Mian Saheb of Adiala Jan 07, 2022 06:52pm
Who is he?
Tanvir Khan Jan 07, 2022 07:05pm
No words to thank and admire the scientists who made coronavirus vaccines so rapidly and saved humanity from doom! The anti-vaccination people are very similar to the religion-obsessed people, who believe in things without any evidence! Stay blessed and healthy Ali Gul Pir!
احمد علی Jan 07, 2022 07:17pm
Truly an unscientific but surely a self-serving statement by AGP. There is absolutely no way to prove scientifically that 'mild symptoms' are 'thanks to jabs'. Impossible. If challenged in court, AGP will eat dirt. Jabbing started in Pakistan on 02-Feb-21. By that time nearly 550K 'Cases' were there. Recovery Rate was 98.97%. AGP or Dawn, can you please take the pain to explain; how? As per your notion, all 550K should have died or hospitalized. Fashionable statements pay good.
Hanbal Jan 07, 2022 09:37pm
Does it matter who he is? Sensible advice! Why the hostility? AHs
Glen D'Abreo Jan 08, 2022 01:19am
@Dr Salaria Ahmed Part II - has this what Pakistani community sunk too no apathy? if your ID is actually a doctor its shameful that you would encourage this young mans advise to vaccination,
Glen D'Abreo Jan 08, 2022 01:20am
@Mian Saheb of Adiala He is someone son, a brother a cousin. The uncaring in Pakistan is sad. He is trying to convey people to be vaccinated and he gets these harsh questions/
Glen D'Abreo Jan 08, 2022 01:22am
@Citizen instead of a PSA for encouraging people to get vaccinated to protect others you are very wrong as this should be in the latest ..breaking news !
Glen D'Abreo Jan 08, 2022 01:24am
Uncaring for others in Pakistan is becoming a sad reality. If empathy & caring is not in you this world is doomed!
Ibrahim S Jan 08, 2022 03:11am
Was he vaccinated with Chinese jab .
Rashid Jan 08, 2022 05:13am
What a woke sheep