Zara Noor Abbas has an easy way for people to donate their old sweaters to the homeless

Zara Noor Abbas has an easy way for people to donate their old sweaters to the homeless

Got a bunch of old sweaters lying somewhere in your closet? It's time to put them to good use.
Updated 06 Jan, 2022

Actor Zara Noor Abbas has highlighted a great way of donating your old sweaters this winter season, something that is easy enough for anyone to follow and share some warmth with those who aren't as fortunate when it comes to warm clothes, heaters or shelter.

The actor shared a message on her Instagram Story on Wednesday, purportedly originally by the deputy commissioner of Lahore, which highlighted an easy way to pass on an old sweater to someone who needs it against the blistering cold. The message was originally intended for Lahoris but Abbas — eager for Karachiites to take heed — hid the word 'Lahore' by typing 'Karachi' over it in two instances.

"Here is an idea I went through and really liked," read the message. "While going out, try keeping an old sweater with you in your bag and if you see a needy person shivering from the cold, you can just give [the sweater] to them."

Abbas shared the message with a "Let's do this", urging her followers to do some good.

The actor isn't the only celebrity who's advocating donating warm clothes in winters. Activist Shaniera Akram recently donated warm clothes to the homeless in the hopes of inspiring others to follow suit.

Take a cue from your favourite celebrities! Given the mercury drop in Karachi these days, it's important we make a little effort to share warm clothes with those who really need them. Let's take out those old sweaters lying around our houses and put to them to good use.


Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Jan 06, 2022 02:10pm
When you do some charity try to keep it low. These losers will do anything for publicity.
the MIRROR Jan 06, 2022 02:42pm
It's a welcome sign but is that all? WE cannot erase our responsibility towards the impoverished mass of society whom we neglect like useless vermin.
Amir Shah Jan 06, 2022 02:47pm
Publicity stunt....
NYS Jan 06, 2022 03:20pm
Wake up call All privileged folk
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Jan 06, 2022 03:46pm
Great move and excellent news.
Naseer Jan 06, 2022 04:24pm
Keep up good work gals. Thumbs up!!
Naseer Jan 06, 2022 04:25pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan arey paglay... it's meant to instigate the likes of us join the flow.
Achakzai Jan 06, 2022 04:41pm
Cold in Karachi is for 2 days
Khan Jan 06, 2022 04:49pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Instead of sitting here commenting from past many years go out and help the needy, spend some time giving education to the poor kids who can't afford school fees.
Ali Jan 06, 2022 05:11pm
Sure it is the best thing one can do in his /her life help some one care for those who need you is the single most satisfying pleasure of the good men and women Comealong and have big heart to give the things you like too so naturally you will get much more for sure
T Jan 06, 2022 05:36pm
Try to please only put your pictures or at least fade away all others. Protect others dignity
Truth be told Jan 06, 2022 07:04pm
Better option than the photo-op opportunities by Mrs. Akram.
Helping hands Jan 06, 2022 07:28pm
We all do it, in one way or the other, sometimes in much more creative ways than these ladies mentioned in the article, but of course, without putting photos
N_Saq Jan 06, 2022 08:37pm
The best thing one can do for the poor is to get them a job, so they can take care of themselves and their families with dignity. Make laws that are labor friendly such as minimum pay/ hourly rate etc so that the rich share with the poor and not that rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer.
Zain Jan 07, 2022 06:42pm
Good work
Laila Jan 09, 2022 07:46am
I really like her. She just seems kind hearted and really in love with Pakistan. Her husband is lucky to have found a woman like her.