Netflix to release Kapil Sharma stand-up special this month called I'm Not Done Yet

Published 05 Jan, 2022 04:36pm

Images Staff

The special will be available to stream on the platform on Jan 28.

Photo: Kapil Sharma/Instagram
Photo: Kapil Sharma/Instagram

Kapil Sharma may be a comedian but his is practically a household name, whether you've watched The Kapil Sharma Show or not. The Indian comedian is back with another opportunity to elicit some chuckles and this time it's through a stand-up show on Netflix that's going to release on January 28.

Sharma posted a clip on his Instagram account to announce the stand-up special, titled I'm Not Done Yet.

During the short but candid clip, the comedian spoke about his career and said he's been in the industry for about 25 years and has worked in television for 15. In the initial stages, he had never considered comedy could be an actual occupation.

"I have never taken comedy seriously because hasi mazaak is something we do on the regular, it is in our nature — we're Punjabi, that's how we like to go about it. I never knew you could get paid for it."

Sharma explained what pushed him to pursue this opportunity, saying "An artist always has a voice inside saying I'm not done yet, I need to do more."

He said that Netflix really attracted him. "I really like the tudum sound it makes," he laughed before continuing, "and this platform is streamed in 190 countries. They said they were interested in hearing my story."

The comedian stressed that his story will be told in his style so much so that the cover photo of the video says "My story, my style." He said that he's really excited about the special stand-up as he's done a lot of new things in it, which includes singing a song in English.

Sharma also posted a clip from the special and captioned it: "Don’t tell Netflix that I have leaked the footage Kapil Sharma: I Am Not Done Yet!"

"The title is I'm not done yet. Keep in mind the special is releasing on Netflix, Jan 28 so be there because without you, I'm not done yet."