Presenting the first-ever Images Awards — Pakistani celebrities edition

Welcome to an award show like no other. They're our awards and we’ll crown whoever we want to.
31 Dec, 2021

For the first time ever (and you may be hoping the last time as well), Team Images is bringing you the Images Awards. None of our awards make any sense except somehow they really do. Abandon all logic and get ready for this one, we’re about to get weird because we’re not regular awards, we’re cool awards.

Twenty may have been a bad number pandemic-wise but it’s a good number for questionnaires, games and cricket so we’ve created 20 awards, which means 20 chances to get you to laugh.

1. The Pakistani cricket player we thirsted after most

Haris Rauf

This category had multiple contenders and was hotly contested but at the end it boiled down to Haris Rauf versus Shadab Khan. We had to leave the Images room for more opinions on this one and apologies to all of you who chose Khan on our Instagram Story poll but we decided Rauf's adorable-ness trumps all. Sorry Shaddy.

2. A celeb we’d trust with all our precious plants

Falak Shabir

With all the flowers he gives his wife Sarah Khan, we've got to assume he knows how to keep his flowers fresh. We wouldn't mind handing over the care of our precious plants to Shabir.

3. A celeb we’d trust to cut our bangs at a sleepover

Bilal Maqsood

There's no logic to this one. We have no idea whether Bilal Maqsood actually knows how to cut hair and we know most of you chose Syra Yousuf in the poll on our Instagram Stories but there's something about Maqsood that makes us want to trust him. Doesn't he look like the kind of guy you'd trust to have your back and tell you you're doing great, sweetie even if the bangs turn out horrendous?

4. A celeb we’d trust to re-do our home

Meesha Shafi

A scroll though Shafi's Instagram feed is enough to realise she's a woman of multiple talents and her beautiful home is proof there's an interior designer hiding in plain sight.

5. A celeb that’d make the best therapist

Adnan Malik

Another man who looks infinitely trustworthy — we'd tell Adnan Malik our secrets and bet he'd have some killer advice. Or, maybe he just looks like someone who is a great listener who doesn't judge. He also seems like he's in tune with himself and his surroundings and very aware of the pitfalls of toxic masculinity.

6. A celeb we’d want to eat dumplings with

Hasan Raheem

Though the contest between Hasan Raheem and Shazia Manzoor was really tough on our Instagram Story poll — 51 to 49 — our winner was always Raheem. Hailing from Gilgit, we think he probably knows a thing or two about mamtus.

7. A designer whose designs we could wear for the rest of our lives

Zara Shahjahan

The winner may have been Zara Shahjahan but the Images team was torn between three designers — Ali Xeeshan and Hussain Rehar following really closely — we guess we have a whole gradient of practical to extra. Our very understandable logic behind Ali Xeeshan and Hussain Rehar as contenders — we need some glamour in our lives.

8. Best actor who played the worst character

Usman Mukhtar as Aswad in Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay

Our Pakistani drama expert colleague believes everyone will be cheering in agreement for this one.

9. A celeb whose closet we’d want to raid

Ayesha Omar

The queen of versatility! We love seeing Omar's red carpet and everyday looks. She doesn't shy away from experimenting when it comes to fashion and we love her for it.

10. If this celebrity wrote a tell-all book, we’d read it


With Osman Khalid Butt as runner-up because we think he'd have some meaningful stuff to say! Meera took the crown because we think she'd have some serious goss. Bring on the mirch masala in a Meera autobiography!

11. Someone who had us raising our eyebrows this year

Shahroz Sabzwari

From jogging shirtless in the streets of Karachi to having his jootay becoming a subject of national debate, this one was a no-brainer.

12. A celeb we’d like to go to a concert with

Eman Suleman

Eman looks like she's concert ready without even needing to go to a concert. Going with her would probably make the most boring concert seem fun.

13. Celebs we’d want to do a TikTok trend with

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

It is no wonder these two are launching a talk-show — the camera and the people love them! Their TikToks are a treat to watch and we wouldn't mind doing a fun video with them!

14. A celeb we’d call to our birthday party to liven it up

Hania Aamir

We've got to admit, she looks like she knows how to bring some life into a party. This one was a unanimous decision — Hania Aamir seems like she's really fun.

15. A celeb that doesn’t age – alternatively the vampire of Instagram

Shehzad Roy

This was also a no-brainer. Seriously, is he ageing in reverse?!

16. A couple that makes us realise we’re probably dying alone

Ali Safina and Hira Tareen

Not going to lie, creating this collage really made us feel like we were third-wheeling the couple —however, that works virtually. There are a lot of celeb couples out there but somehow, these two seem the most real. They're like the cooler older cousins who have all their younger cousins sighing in envy.

17. Besties that are goals

Usman Mukhtar and Osman Khalid Butt

And the rest of their Islamabadi gang tbh.

18. Cutest pet owners

Eman Suleman and Jamil Haider

Their Instagram Stories are testament to this happy family growing and flourishing. Also, they have A LOT of dogs.

19. A celeb that we can count on to catch us when we fall

Shazia Manzoor

She'll be there for us, especially if we're tripping. Shazia Manzoor could moonlight as an unofficial bodyguard for her fellow celebs. We'd trust her 100%.

20. The artist who could write the theme song to our lives

Faris Shafi

Imagine walking into the office on a Monday, carrying nothing but sleep deprivation and an itch for caffeine before you start the day with Faris Shafi rapping in the background — yes, please.