Here's why Master Changan is asking us to ignore its all-new Alsvin on the roads

Here's why Master Changan is asking us to ignore its all-new Alsvin on the roads

The car's young CEO seems to have touched a pain point for most consumers with the latest campaign.
24 Dec, 2021

Have you checked out the all-new Alsvin yet? Master Changan has taken current design trends and incorporated a massive feature overhaul on its latest automobile, the Alsvin.

And that's not all.

The car manufacturer took everyone by surprise with its witty campaign that is overtaking other sedans in the category already with its intriguing OOH advertising.

The best one yet is the billboard that blatantly says: 'Please ignore the Changan Alsvin on the road - if you can! We've got to admit that one intrigued us the minute we spotted it.

They say the manufacturer has built quite a prestigious reputation around the world, sweeping one market after another, and in just few years of winning the very competitive Saudi market.

Pegging itself as a promising new entrant in the Pakistani market, the Alsvin belongs to one of the most sought after manufacturers in the world.

Why's the campaign so anti-Alsvin?

Through use of different and exciting campaigns on various media platforms, Master Changan has relayed a powerful message - in a really fun way!

Shot beautifully in Turkey and produced by a local production house, the TVC shows people realising and working towards their dreams, with the Alsvin being their only constant on the road to greatness.

It is also the first time in Pakistan that a commercial for an automobile has incorporated stunts with the car without using CGI, which looks visually intriguing.

The cinematography is sophisticated and executed aesthetically, drawing quite a parallel to European advertising.

Check out the ad here:

On radio, the ad makes use of witty copy that almost seems like the campaign is against the car, more than investing effort in creating a classic, overt sell. How cool is that?

The conversation almost discourages people from following their dreams and adapting to change, calling it all overrated!

Posts on social media, on the other hand, talk about breaking the status quo, taking a very unique yet candid approach to describing how some giants have dominated the industry for long and now's the time for new entrants to be finally seen.

Price points, features and more

The brand is offering a surprisingly budget friendly price bracket for such a chic and multi-featured ride.

The manufacturer assembles vehicles locally, which translates to a high resale value and will create ease for owners when it comes to getting affordable spare parts for their car.

The model comes in three variants, the 1.37 manual, 1.5 DCT comfort, and the top tier 1.5 Lumiere.

The Lumiere edition comes with additional features like electric sunroof, cruise control, heated side mirrors, TPMS.

One of the key visions of Master Changan is to protect and preserve the environment. Hence, all variants of the Alsvin are the only locally assembled vehicles in Pakistan which are offering Euro5 engine technology. Besides low emissions, the ride facilitates 17-18 kilometres per litre fuel average, due to this technology.

The vehicle itself has a sporty and futuristic look on both the interior and exterior, with a sleek dashboard and faux leather seats that add to the design of the vehicle. This is coupled with the integration of advanced technological features, such as a minimalistic 7” human machine interface (HMI), which gives the user complete control over customising the features according to their preferences; from the basics of going through your favorite stations, to altering the headlamp delay, all condensed down to a single hub.

The tagline #DriveYourDreams is what the Alsvin represents, with its novel features, powerful engine, and a solid overall look and feel.

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Shezi Dec 24, 2021 04:49pm
No doubt ! Its a beautiful car. But Pakistanis are mentally slaves of those 3 companies, looting them since 1980s.
Shezi Dec 24, 2021 04:51pm
These Chinese companies can provide Pakistanis with great cheap vehicles but they'll not welcome it.
Abbasshah Dec 24, 2021 08:51pm
A very good entry in to Pakistan at affordable price then Honda/Toyota sedans.Gives good mileage &a sturdy sedan ,not a “China ka mal”.
omar cheema Dec 24, 2021 11:33pm
The only reason people are surprised by the amount of features for the price in cars like Hyundai and Alsvin, because they dont know that for the price they are used to paying in Pakistan for Honda and Toyota, people overseas are getting 10 times more features.
Great idea Dec 24, 2021 11:40pm
Nice looking car but cheesy advertising
Ali Dec 25, 2021 06:41am
@Abbasshah I believe China Ka maal is performing very well against Japanese companies, who are just looting Pakistani people.
Fahim AB Dec 25, 2021 12:04pm
What are the prices of above models and any model having hybrid facility.
Akbar Dec 28, 2021 02:48pm
Great Drive!! Great Car!! A must buy car under PKR 2.5 Million budget.