Jahan from EDM band Krewella shows off her traditional Chitrali handbag in LA

Jahan from EDM band Krewella shows off her traditional Chitrali handbag in LA

The Pakistani-American singer recently visited the northern areas and is all about collecting souvenirs.
07 Dec, 2021

Jahan Yousaf, one half of the EDM band Krewella, recently sported some ethnic swag while in LA. She visited Pakistan's northern region and was gifted a traditional bag by footballer Karishma Ali.

The bag gifted is by brand Kumoru which is known to be a platform for local artisans in Chitral wanting to make it big internationally for their unique handwoven items. Jahan has been representing the country by wearing the bag in the US.

Krewella is currently made up of two sisters — Jahan and Yasmine. The band started 14 years ago with Jahan and a friend named Kris Trindl. The group later expanded and took Yasmine in and later Trindl exited the group. Their hit single 'Alive' is the reason why the group made it on the Billboard Hot 100 list and they've definitely come a long way.

Ali, the footballer who gifted Jahan the bag, hails from Chitral. The ‘Like We’ singer visited Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan with her father for Nagar Women’s Health House, a charitable venture she and her sister started for the people of Chitral.

Calling it her “fatherland”, Yasmine also commented on the post and said how Pakistan is “full of life and beauty.”

Our very own Asim Azhar who has collaborated with Krewella on a track titled 'Paradise' also commented on the video and hoped that Jahan had an “amazing time” with a side note appreciating her music choice for the clip.

The two sisters have proudly incorporated desi touches into their music videos as well as the song itself in the past, be it the cricket jerseys and parandas they wore in ‘Team’ or ‘Greenlights’ that incorporates a traditional instrumental sound.