SOC Films and The Legal Aid Society launch animated series on inheritance laws

Published 03 Dec, 2021 02:06pm

Images Staff

The initiative is meant to 'create awareness and make these issues part of the mainstream public discourse' to help women.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's SOC Films, in collaboration with The Legal Aid Society (LAS) and National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW), has launched its latest animation series Inheritance Rights of Women According to Pakistani Law with the release of the first short film Inheritance Laws.

The animated series comprises of nine animated films that shed light on women’s rights to marital and legal property in Pakistan. The films are available in eight regional languages to facilitate communities across the country. The first short film Inheritance Laws focuses on Pakistan's inheritance laws and the cultural values that make it challenging for women to secure their inheritance.

With this animation series, SOC Films, LAS and NCSW aim to further enhance women’s knowledge of fundamental rights and legal remedies.

The nine films will be released during the 16 days of activism against gender based violence, with a focus on strengthening urban and rural communities at the grass-root level by providing women with insight into legal knowledge and pathways.

SOC Films will be disseminating the films through a mobile cinema tour as well as their school, college and universities outreach programme aimed at facilitating dialogue amongst women across Pakistan.

"It is alarming how many women are blatantly denied their inheritance, their dower and marital property, their share in their families’ agricultural income, the right to rent property on fair terms and whilst independent of any male family members, or even a place in their families NADRA records, said Palvasha Shahab, adviser for the LAS.

"We hope that this initiative will allow us to create awareness and make these issues part of the mainstream public discourse. We hope that these videos and the programming around them will encourage, not only women but all family members to seek out more information and eventually become change-makers."

According to Obaid-Chinoy, it is "extremely important" for women across Pakistan to be educated about their rights. "It is only when we are armed with knowledge that we can fight for our rights and equal place in society," she said.