ST London and Zara Noor Abbas want you to #OwnYourLook and be confident about what you like

ST London and Zara Noor Abbas want you to #OwnYourLook and be confident about what you like

Psst.. all it takes is a little bit of faith and a whole lot of self love.
Updated 30 Dec, 2021

Let's admit, owning yourself and feeling confident in your own skin every single day is no easy feat.

But to help remind us that we're beautiful and our choices matter, ST London, wants us to spread the idea of self love with their latest campaign, #OwnYourLook.

Featuring one of our favourite actresses, Zara Noor Abbas-Siddiqui, the brand wants us to unseat beauty standards that are unrealistic.

Zara Noor Abbas-Siddiqui, who has earned a name for herself by personifying powerful characters like Rani in Ehd-e-Wafa, Shabbo in Parey Hut Love and Arsla in Khamoshi, announced her association with ST London in an Instagram post that said:

“My association with a brand has a lot to do with its integrity as a product. St London has a unique way of identifying women and putting them all under one umbrella, and that is why it is my go to brand when it comes to empowering women and glorifying the confidence within them.”

Here's a little BTS of the campaign that we're totally loving:

While on ST London’s official social media pages the association was announced by a series of posts with Zara, the brand urges you to #OwnYourLook and wear the makeup you like while posting messages online that help others do the same.

ST London is offering high quality products that are targeted to celebrate all types of makeup choices, reminding us that to #OwnYourLook all you need is a little bit of confidence and a whole lot of self love.

Watch this:

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Helping hands Dec 19, 2021 10:30pm
While I'm all in for makeup, I can't buy the mantra of "feel empowered" by hiding your flaws through makeup. Kinda contradictory to me
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ak4pk Dec 20, 2021 02:44am
Understand ST London is a cosmetic brand with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany and the UK. Live in England but never heard of this cosmetic brand.
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