We got to know Sarwat Gilani a little better through an impromptu Q&A on Instagram

Published 26 Nov, 2021 01:43pm

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Will Churails get a season two? What's the secret to her flawless skin? The actor revealed it all.

Photo: Sarwat Gilani/Instagram
Photo: Sarwat Gilani/Instagram

Actor Sarwat Gilani recently held an impromptu Q&A session on Instagram, giving her adoring fans the opportunity to send in questions about things they've always wanted to know about their favourite Churails star.

The actor — who is known for starring in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and the ZEE5 series Churails — dished out some interesting details about herself during the Q&A, allowing us to know the actor a little better than we did before when it comes to her lifestyle, career and opinions.

An interesting question the actor got asked (to which we were all ears) was about the "secret to her flawless skin". Her answer might seem simple enough at first glance, but making the decision to regularly take care of our skin, no matter which products we use, is the first step towards healthy skin.

Fans wanted to know Gilani's educational background. Looks like she's a communication designer who graduated from Karachi's Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

The actor's fears are not the ordinary kind that us mere mortals have. Hers revolve around more philosophical concerns, like the fear of having no fear at all.

Gilani shared that ZEE5's Churails will be getting a season two and that has us excited!

For her, trench coats and leather are a must when it comes to her winter wardrobe.

Gilani shared that she has two movie projects in the pipeline, one of which has already been shot!

On being asked how the actor deals with negativity, Gilani shared that she doesn't dwell on matters and moves past them.

And there you have it folks! A successful Q&A session that helped us know one of our favourite 'Churails' a little better.