Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ is the longest no.1 hit in Billboard history

Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Well’ is the longest no.1 hit in Billboard history

The multiple Grammy winner’s record breaking 10 minute 13-second song has topped global charts.
24 Nov, 2021

Taylor Swift’s cinematic piece ‘All Too Well’ has taken over more than just the hearts of Swifties — it has also won over hearts of music critics all over and is now reigning over the charts. Haters gonna hate but Swift is truly following her own advice — shaking it off and winning.

The Billboard Hot 100, a record chart for the music industry in the United States, released this week’s list of songs deemed most popular and Swift’s 10 minute 13-second rerecorded version of ‘All Too Well’ has topped the charts overtaking the last longest hit after nearly half a century.

And evidently Swift is as excited as we are about it.

Even in the midst of her shock and glee, she gracefully credited her fans for getting her there. It’s a pleasant surprise to see such humility on her part despite breaking so many records and winning more awards than we can count.

Frankly, the hype that the song got was validation enough. Considering the tsunami of applause plus fans going full Sherlock and connecting the dots to her real life experiences, it is not surprising that the song has topped the Global 200 as well.

Fans have been quick to hail her as the queen she is and congratulate her.

Swift has fought hard for ownership over her own music which resulted in her winning rights over some of the albums which she announced will be expanded and rerecorded. The much awaited album Red (Taylor’s Version) is the second one she’s released this year. It received critical acclaim and its songs occupy a quarter of the Hot 100 list — another record broken but ‘All Too Well’ has clearly been the star of the show.

The short film that accompanied it had us all in our feels! Revisiting the decade old original, Swift did not hold back when it came to sharing her story. She recreated moments from her dating life that were heartbreaking to watch. Of course that led to an outcry against her former boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal but besides that, the magnetising song itself had people play it on repeat. Frankly, we’re not surprised it made top of the list!

Swifties have the greatest reactions to Swift’s wins.

The singer had introduced the rereleased song on her Instagram saying “one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written just got sadder” and we think that this was a note of caution. And so the Swifties plugged in their earphones and got their hearts broken all over again. Who can blame them? The song is truly a masterpiece.


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