Malala and Asser Malik celebrate their marriage the Pakistan cricket team way — with cake

Published 11 Nov, 2021 01:36pm

Images Staff

Malik, who works at the PCB, posted about his new wife on Twitter and we love how sweet his message was.

If there's one thing we have learned this T20 World Cup, it's that the Pakistan cricket team loves cutting cake. It makes sense then that Malala Yousazai's new husband Asser Malik, who works at the PCB, would want to carry on this tradition.

He and Malala celebrated their nikkah by cutting a cake and everyone approves. After all, he does work for the Pakistan Cake Board, ahem, we mean Pakistan Cricket Board.

Malik's tweet included a sweet message about his new wife. "In Malala, I found the most supportive friend, a beautiful and kind partner — I'm so excited to spend the rest of our life together," he wrote.

Malala and Malik announced their marriage on Tuesday night. They tied the knot in an intimate nikkah at the Yousafzai family home in Birmingham, the UK.

The cake cutting tradition is no joke, though it has been made into one on Twitter.

The team has been cutting cakes every day, it seems and we approve. What better way to celebrate a five-game winning streak than with cake?

They have celebrated birthdays.

Shared their cake with their opponents.

And celebrated birthdays and men of the match!

So it makes sense that Malik would continue this tradition. The internet has already celebrated his marriage to Malala so it makes sense that the happy couple would celebrate too!