Tuba Anwar and Shahroz Sabzwari are teaming up for new drama Yeh Ishq Samjh Na Aye

Tuba Anwar and Shahroz Sabzwari are teaming up for new drama Yeh Ishq Samjh Na Aye

Anwar said the director is loving their on-screen chemistry.
Updated 05 Nov, 2021

Syeda Tuba Anwar and Shahroz Sabzwari are starring in a new drama called Yeh Ishq Samjh Na Aye.

This is the first time they are working together Anwar told Images, but they "instantly connected". "He's a great support and costar," said the actor who married PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat in 2018. "He makes sure that I am comfortable and supports me. The director is loving our on screen chemistry."

She is playing a character named Nimra who is from a rich family and goes to great lengths for the sake of love. She has a dynamic and powerful personality, she explained.

Though she can't reveal the name of the channel the show will air on or when it will air, she did say the director is Jasim Abbas and writer is Munim Majeed. The drama is being shot in Islamabad. "So it will be altogether a different and refreshing screen. We are shooting in the most beautiful and unused spaces. So the overall look and feel of the drama will be an experience in itself for the viewer," Anwar said.

"Working with a new team in a different city had me nervous but the team and the working environment has been very kind and warm towards me. The energy and vibe on the set is so good that you enjoy your work more," she explained.

According to the actor, the whole team is very young and is very easy to work with. "The director Jasim Abbas has a vision and he makes sure he gets what he’s looking [for]. He takes his time on each frame. What I also love about working with him is he’s putting a lot of effort in cinematography along with the nitty gritty of the content/scene," she said.

"We had a in-depth discussion about my character’s (Nimra) look, and to delve deeper into Nimra’s character to get a better understanding of the story and scenes. This made me to be truly in command of my art form," she explained.

She believes if the actor supplants the concept of the character with the concept of actions, they will be able to act more authentically. "It is my belief that 'the actor does actions; the audience perceives character'," she said.

The producer, Ali Sheroz, is very involved in the shoot, Anwar said, unlike other producers he’s always on the shoot and makes sure everything is going smoothly. So far, the team has finished the first spell of shooting.

Anwar made her television debut last year with Bharaas alongside Salman Saeed and Zubab Rana.