Abeer Rizvi announces she is leaving the modelling industry

Updated 05 Nov, 2021 04:07pm

The comment section for her announcement post was flooded with messages of support from stars.

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Irfan Ul Haq

Photo: Abeer Rizvi/Instagram
Photo: Abeer Rizvi/Instagram

Abeer Rizvi announced her exit from the modelling industry in an Instagram post on November 4. The comment section on her announcement post on Instagram was flooded with messages of support from members of the fraternity and actors.

Rizvi was nominated for the Best Model - Female Award at the 2020 Hum Style Awards and has also played a role in Sahir Lodhi's film Raasta.

In her announcement, Rizvi said her journey in the modelling industry has been "one roller coaster ride" and thanked the people who had been there for her during her time in the industry.

"I would like to take some time out to work on other future goals. Thank you so much for the love! And rem[ember], “Always choose happiness,” she wrote without elaborating on what those future goals might be. Acting? Designing? Or maybe she'll take a page out of Mushk Kaleem's book and venture into a new kind of business.

She received widespread support from fellow industry members.

Speaking to Images, Rizvi called her decision a very big one. "It was one I would have to make at some point so why not when I was at my peak?" she reasoned. But despite the logical nature of the decision, she still cried while posting the news on Instagram, she said.

I’ve made enough money from modelling, Rizvi said, adding that she has invested in businesses and other ventures and can easily live her life comfortably. But she still wants to work. After taking a break, she plans on starting something new — perhaps a lingerie business. There are no Victoria's Secret type brands here, she said.

But while she's ready to move on, she has some advice for newcomers to the industry, some of whom she thinks have a bit of an attitude — focus, be positive and be punctual. Her advice to the fashion council — make sure the models walking on the ramp are over 5'8.