04 Nov, 2021

Hindus across the world — as well those in Pakistan — are celebrating the festival of Diwali. The five-day festival of lights is typically celebrated by socialising, exchanging gifts and lighting oil lamps or candles to symbolise the victory of light over darkness. Many of our celebrities and politicians took to social media to wish a happy Diwali to all those celebrating the joyous occasion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan posted his Diwali greetings on Twitter.

Actors Osman Khalid Butt and Armeena Khan and designer Deepak Perwani also wished a very happy Diwali to all those celebrating.

Actors Tooba Siddiqui and Zhalay Sarhadi took to Instagram Stories to wish their followers as well.

And so did RJ Sabah Bano Malik and activist Muniba Mazari.

Designer Umar Sayeed wished his friends and followers on Instagram.

Writer Fatima Bhutto and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif also posted on the occasion.

Cricketer Shahid Afridi also wished everyone a happy Diwali.

We wish all those celebrating a very happy Diwali as well!


Chirag AGARWAL Nov 04, 2021 04:43pm
From 16% to 2%. But still thanks for the wishes
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D’Souza Nov 04, 2021 04:46pm
Wishing Hindu community in Pakistan Diwali? Why not wish everyone all over the world with an open heart? It is celebrated by all religions.
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Ashutosh Nov 04, 2021 05:02pm
Are there Hindus left in Pakistan?
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Changez Khan Nov 04, 2021 05:02pm
These are very nice 'Happy Diwali' messages to the Hindu community. 'Happy Diwali'.
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Good Neighbour Nov 04, 2021 05:40pm
Why not hindus all over the world?
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Arun Nov 04, 2021 05:51pm
Best is from Afridi ...That are celebrating?
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Siddharth Nov 04, 2021 05:55pm
Thank you! Wishing for peace on earth
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ENGR Hamid Shafiq Nov 04, 2021 05:55pm
Happy Diwali to all Hindus in Pakistan and in the world we make our world for peace, harmony and happiness
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Pakman Nov 04, 2021 06:02pm
Happy Diwali to all! Let’s lighten up and celebrate.
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Idris Nov 04, 2021 06:38pm
All the Indian Hindus should be happy. As they are greeted by erstwhile Hindus
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HashBrown® Nov 04, 2021 06:43pm
Love and blessings to all Pakistanis on this auspicious day. Happy Diwali.
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well-wisher Nov 04, 2021 06:44pm
Happy Diwali to all our Hindu friends all over the world. Diwali unites in peace so reach out to one another.
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Mussette Nov 04, 2021 07:04pm
How many left to celebrate Diwali.
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Mon Nov 04, 2021 07:23pm
Happy to know that at least some celebration left the land where this festival started (Taxila)
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Ali da Malanga Nov 04, 2021 07:35pm
Happy Diwali to our Hindu brothers and sisters.
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A Nov 04, 2021 07:36pm
What is opinion of Waquar?
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Rafique Nov 04, 2021 09:05pm
Happy Diwali to all around the world
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Anonymouseee Nov 04, 2021 09:33pm
Wish to see the Hindus do the same by exchanging pleasantries during Eid.
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UHD Nov 04, 2021 10:04pm
Take actions to protect them in Pakistan !
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Pak Pashtun USA Nov 04, 2021 10:43pm
Yes we wish Happy Diwali to all Hindus around the world but especially in Pakistan. Enjoy.
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Shaun Nov 04, 2021 11:15pm
Are there any Hindus left in Pakistan?
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Zulfiqar Nov 05, 2021 12:48am
@Ashutosh yes there are many Hindus, Christians and Sikhs in Pakistan
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AZAM AKBAR Nov 05, 2021 02:09am
@Ashutosh Mr. Ashutosh, " Are there Hindus left in Pakistan? " From which planet you are?
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AZAM AKBAR Nov 05, 2021 02:11am
Happy Deewaalee. Congratulations.
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UHD Nov 05, 2021 02:32am
Thank you all Pakistanis for a good gesture ! I hope this spirit stays between the people of two neighbors !
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Obaid Rahman Nov 05, 2021 02:34am
Why add "..for those who are celebrating"?
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Krishna G Upadhya Nov 05, 2021 03:05am
Thank You!
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Alih Kazmi Nov 05, 2021 04:12am
@Ashutosh If you lived in a free society you wouldn't be asking this question.
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Luvladoo Nov 05, 2021 04:23am
Stop the forcible conversions.
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Timur Nov 05, 2021 08:07am
What is the word " celebrating " means ? The backwardness is so difficult to hide for these people.
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Faraz Nov 05, 2021 08:14am
Shameful act of pleasing the enemy.
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Sara Nov 05, 2021 09:03am
@Chirag AGARWAL The same has been happening in India for the past 8 years.
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beingReal Nov 05, 2021 10:04am
One day wishing doesn't change typically Mindsets .. about hate
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Venu Nov 05, 2021 10:39am
@Sara . obviously is not the case.. if same thing in case happens , why complain??
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Reader Nov 05, 2021 10:56am
@Luvladoo . No one can really force others to believe what they want others to believe. Our values, our thinking, our narratives are amazing.
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ARY Nov 05, 2021 11:37am
@D’Souza that what I was thinking
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