Ali Xeeshan's latest collaboration is here to make khussa 'couture' the next big thing

Ali Xeeshan's latest collaboration is here to make khussa 'couture' the next big thing

He has teamed up with online brand Dazzle by Sarah to create some traditional footwear magic.
02 Nov, 2021

Leave it to designer Ali Xeeshan to attempt the unconventional in fashion. His latest project ventures where few have gone before — designing traditional handmade footwear, or khussas, for high fashion. The designer just announced a collaboration with popular online footwear business Dazzle by Sarah.

Khussas are traditionally made by hand and have long been an integral part of fashion in the Subcontinent. Dazzle by Sarah is a popular online shopping destination for those looking to purchase khussas and has amassed a large following over the years.

The collaboration between Ali Xeeshan and Dazzle by Sarah was recently announced by both brands on social media.

The brands have also given their followers a peek at the khussa collection by unveiling two designs on social media. Do our eyes spy actor Minal Khan in the photoshoot?

The collection definitely has that Ali Xeeshan charm to it — they are tastefully flamboyant and would make the perfect footwear for those looking to amp up their desi couture at weddings and formal events. One can even think outside the box and make these khussas work well with an every day outfit.

The collection seems to have a hefty price tag though. According to Dazzle by Sarah, the Taj pair cost Rs6,550.

Both collaborators have asked their followers to "stay tuned for the big reveal" and we're quite interested to see what the entire collection looks like.


M. Saeed Nov 02, 2021 02:17pm
By definition, a collection of designer, cannot be a couture, which is always made to measure and demand of the client.
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Oldhabibian Nov 02, 2021 02:35pm
The formula, 1. Must already have a name as designer. 2. Collaborate with a khussa make for Rs. X 3. Make it gaudy and call it Mughal, Rajput, Hyderabadi, royal. 4. Charge exorbitantly.
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M. Emad Nov 02, 2021 04:18pm
Designer Ali Xeeshan showing his handmade 'jooti' (shoe) to whom ?
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Ehsan Nov 02, 2021 06:08pm
International level, start exporting
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Zunaira Nov 03, 2021 09:46am
@Oldhabibian OH so on point
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