Model Ali Kureshi to make his drama debut with Hum TV's Bad Naseeb

Published 27 Oct, 2021 10:26am

Irfan Ul Haq

It has been a learning experience for him but he's up to the challenge.

Photo: Ali Kureshi/Facebook
Photo: Ali Kureshi/Facebook

Model Ali Kureshi is making his drama debut with MD Productions and Hum TV's Bad Naseeb.

"I am playing a businessman and decent husband [who later develops] issues with his wife," Kureshi told Images.

The drama has been written by Jahanzeb Qamar and directed by Haseeb Ali. It also features Agha Talal, Dania Enwer, Kamran Jilani, Samina Ahmed, Farah Nadir, Anoshey Rania, Khushi Maheen and Falak Shahzad among others.

According to Kureshi, the show is likely going to air on November 6. The official synopsis for Bad Naseeb states that it is the story of a young girl consumed by constant despair and suffering.

The model said he moved to Karachi and auditioned at multiple production houses before this opportunity arose.

"I love the experience so far. I am never afraid of the camera because I [have done a] movie [before] but my movie never saw the light of day unfortunately," Kureshi said, referring to his role in Zindagai Tamasha, the Sarmad Khoosat project that was never allowed to release in Pakistan.

"It's a learning process and I am definitely learning. I hope I will do well." But learning and delving into acting doesn't mean he has put his modelling career on hold. "There is no question about that. I love modelling and you will see me in all fashion weeks and shoots Insha'Allah."