Blending the classical and the modern: Lipton's latest rendition of the iconic 'Chai Chahiye' is as warm as our cuppa

Blending the classical and the modern: Lipton's latest rendition of the iconic 'Chai Chahiye' is as warm as our cuppa

Tailored by Bilal Maqsood, the brand has released a fresh, peppy tune for their ageless jingle.
Updated 25 Oct, 2021

Starting off with a total no-brainer - this new Lipton ad is sure to make you feel nostalgic.

The brand's iconic jingle 'Chai Chahiye' has been one of Pakistan's most unparalleled ad anthems for the longest time.

Starting in the early '70s the jingle has remained a significant part of Lipton's TVCs up until the '00s.

While we see most brands looking to reimagine their advertising, Lipton has come with the ingenious idea of recreating the classic jingle with a fresh and modern spin.

Here's why we are humming along everytime the latest TVC plays on our screens:

The jingle has been re-created by the Bilal Maqsood

Yep, you heard it right! Our favourite Dur se koi aaye singer from Strings is the brains behind the latest tune.

Playing around with new melodies and lyrics, Bilal has recreated the song to make it more appealing to the audiences of today.

On Instagram, the musician pointed how he wanted the audience to revisit the joy of listening to a nostalgic melody while ensuring he adds nothing but the right flavours of pop and contemporary music.

The visuals capture those little chai moments we relish every day

..and that is just plain refreshing!

The TVC features some of the most popular celebrities relishing heartwarming moments between friends, spouses, colleagues and grandparents.

In the starting sequence, we see Junaid Khan asking for a cup of chai right out of bed in the morning, followed by a friend squad, engrossed in their screens, with only one realising how chai is all it takes to get everyone together and start a real conversation.

All in all, each sequence of the new TVC is an ode to all the little moments in life where we make conscious effort to take out time for our loved ones, family, spouses and friends.

We adore all the posts our celebs are making to show their love for chai on Instagram

With the ad playing on loop almost on all of our screens, we are in love with how celebs have taken to social media to post an ode to the nation's favourite drink, capturing the many different chai moments that light up our lives and add warmth to our otherwise fast paced routines.

Whether you are at the beach on a Sunday afternoon like Junaid Khan or simply kickstarting your morning like Ramsha Khan, chai is what desis just can't survive without.

From Osman Khalid Butt's book reading to Maryam Nafees' hectic work calls, casual chit-chats to rishta-seeking - as aptly pointed by Usman Mukhtar - chai is like that one person in the family in the absence of whom, there are no real decisions made, no moments celebrated.

We can't help but feel the nostalgia that hits right in the feels

Though we agree that Bilal's fresh take on the song is a welcome addition to Lipton's stellar work of advertising, we just cannot help but reminiscence the older versions of the jingle.

Let's admit, we all went 'konsi janab' when the new jingle crooned 'Chai Chahiye' only to surprise us with a different line answering the call.

Check this out to see what we mean:

The classic black-and-white advertisement reminds us of the glorious days before the turn of the century to the more recent wedding editions, all of which we've YouTubed already. Pssstt...we totally think you should too.

Watch the new TVC here:

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