Mahira Khan takes us behind the scenes of her upcoming telefilm Aik Hai Nigar

Published 18 Oct, 2021 02:52pm

Images Staff

Looks like the actor has bonded with Pakistan's first female three-star general behind the camera.

Photo: Nina Kashif/Instagram
Photo: Nina Kashif/Instagram

Mahira Khan's upcoming telefilm Aik Hai Nigar is creating quite a buzz these days. The telefilm will see her play the role of Pakistan's first female three-star general, Lieutenant General Nigar Johar, and by the looks of the behind the scenes pictures that Mahira has shared with followers on Instagram, she seems to have bonded with the general.

Aik Hai Nigar will portray the life and career of Lieutenant General Johar. Apart from Mahira, the telefilm also stars actors Bilal Ashraf and Khushal Khan amongst others. Mahira and Nina Kashif have produced the film under the banner of their production house Soul Fry Films.

The actor recently took to Instagram Stories to give a little glimpse behind the camera. She posted three pictures, one of which should her in a selfie along with some of her co-actors and her hair and makeup artists.

Another showed her grinning with co-star and on screen husband Ashraf who seems to be quite at home with his new moustachioed look.

Then there was the picture showing Mahira with Lieutenant General Johar and Kashif.

Kashif also posted a picture of Mahira and the general donning the same uniform. "This is a very precious picture for me," she wrote. "It's very rare [that] one gets to see two resilient, successful and kind women in the same frame. We feel honoured to be able to show Lieutenant General Johar's story to the world."

She also posted a teaser for the telefilm that caught our attention.

The telefilm will broadcast on ARY Digital on October 23.