Swvl Pakistan painted our towns red to say 'Koi Baat Nahi, Swvl Hai'. Here's why

Swvl Pakistan painted our towns red to say 'Koi Baat Nahi, Swvl Hai'. Here's why

The campaign was a quirky way of announcing the bus service's comeback in the market.
Updated 07 Oct, 2021

Did you step out of your house over the weekend and notice multiple unbranded red billboards all around?

We saw massive hoardings taken over across Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, plastered with quirky and relatable one-liners that caught everyone's attention; phrases like, 'Neend phir poori nahi howi?', 'Ufff, itni lambi drive, rozana?' and 'Maheenay ka end aur hath tang?' were few that left us intrigued.

Safe to say, it did not take much time for pictures of these billboards to make their way to social media.

Netizens and digital publications adored the whole idea of the billboards but at the same time, they were curious to know who was behind all the OOH ads.

Most one-liners proved to be so engaging that digital content creators, from the likes of Ali Gul Pir, Mubeen Ul Haq of Bekaar Films, and Saman of Stroll With Saman, were also seen talking about them on their Instagram.

After a lot of guesses and debate over social media, the billboards were revealed to be part of Swvl Pakistan’s latest campaign of 'Koi Baat Nahi, Swvl Hai'.

The same billboards were later upgraded with very simple solutions.

Our favourite one-liners from the campaign

We've got to say the campaign overall did a good job at creating a stir online, but some lines in particular caught our attention.

For starters, check this out:

Here are some more of our favourites:

“Long distance sambhalna mushkil? </3 Koi baat nahi, Swvl hai.” (Hard to commute to long distances? Swvl's got your back!)

“Seat phir chin gayi? :/ Koi baat nahi, Swvl hai.” (Couldn't find a set in the bus? Swvl's got your back!)

“Ufff, itni lambi drive, rozana? Koi baat nahi, Swvl hai.” (Hate long drives to work? Swvl's got your back!)

The campaign stated some of the most relatable problems Pakistanis face during commute to various places on a daily basis, presenting Swvl's comeback to the market as the only reliable solution to all those problems.

Swvl not only takes us around the city in minutes, but also offers intercity bus services.

While fans of the service were delighted to have made the right guesses, a large number of people were happy to find out that Swvl has resumed its convenient and pocket-friendly bus services which are next to nonexistent in cities like Karachi. This means public transport users can now catch up on sleep and do not have to fear losing their bus seat to someone during rush hour.

Here's the best part: Swvl’s bus rides, start from as low as Rs 30!

With their 'Koi Baat Nahi, Swvl Hai' campaign, the brand also managed to target commuters who travel from one city to another, addressing them with quirky messages like, “Ghar walon ki yaad arahi hai? Koi Baat Nahi Swvl hai.” (missing folks back home? Swvl's got your back!)

Booking affordable and convenient rides with few taps on your phone and easily traveling from cities like Lahore to Islamabad or Multan and back, sounds like a dream come true for many.

Now that Swvl is back, here's to wishing you happy and comfortable traveling!

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