Actor Asad Siddiqui announces he has tested positive for Covid-19, urges others to get vaccinated too

Published 25 Sep, 2021 11:07am

Images Staff

He shared the news with his followers on social media and said his mild symptoms are evidence that vaccines work.

Actor Asad Siddiqui announced on social media that he has tested positive for Covid-19. He used the opportunity to promote vaccinations and urge people to get vaccinated.

The actor — who has starred in dramas such as Zebaish and Dil Ruba — posted a message on his Instagram Stories.

"Hello beautiful people! I have contracted Covid-19 and finally after dodging it for a good two years, I bite the dust," he said. "Point is I was fully vaccinated and still contracted it. However, my symptoms are very mild. Which means the vaccines work. So anybody who thinks the vaccines are a hoax, you are wrong. They are working and I request everyone to get vaccinated. And please follow all SOPs."

The actor requested for prayers, followed by a request for movies, games or books recommendations to help Siddiqui pass the time while in quarantine.

All 15+ citizens can register themselves by sending in their your CNIC number to 1166 or registering on and walking in to their nearest centre for vaccination.