Abdullah Siddiqui is set to release his fourth album dead Beat poets: side B this weekend

Abdullah Siddiqui is set to release his fourth album dead Beat poets: side B this weekend

He announced the release of his 'sonically explorative' album on Instagram.
18 Sep, 2021

Singer, songwriter and producer Abdullah Siddiqui has his fans on the edge of their seats with an exciting announcement. His fourth album, dead Beat poets: side B, will come out on Sunday (September 19).

The album follows the release of his third album dead Beat poets in January. The upcoming side B is more "sonically explorative" than the original, he said in an Instagram post, adding that the songs in the albums have been written from a place of personal "honesty and earnestness".

"My fourth album, dead Beat poets: side B, comes out this Sunday, September 19," he said. "Somewhere along the process of making my last album, I became hopelessly addicted to the feeling of writing songs with diaristic honesty and earnestness. So I made a follow-up to that album. 'side B' carries a lot of the same themes as the original but puts them in an even more sonically explorative context."

He also went into detail about the album and how diverse the songs on it are.

"I made very little effort to make this record sound consistent; the opening track is almost a rock song, another track is completely orchestral, while the closer is a 3D audio piece constructed mostly of foley, he continued. "But that inconsistency was completely honest to my circumstance — I made this album in a time when my professional life was the best it’s ever been and my personal life was collapsing altogether. So I allowed myself to translate that messiness into sound, and to let go of some of the meticulousness that’s defined my work in the past. And I really hope you can find yourself somewhere in that mess and connect with me."

Siddiqui announced the release of his single 'surface' with musician Talha Anjum in the same post.

The 20-year-old has been described as Pakistan's electro-pop prodigy who made it to the Forbes Under 30 under 30 Asia List in 2019. After his rise to fame with the Nescafe Basement original 'Resistance', he released the hit single 'Kingdom' as Peshawar Zalmi's official anthem for the sixth PSL this year.

Siddiqui was also the music producer behind Natasha Noorani's popular song 'Choro' and the recent Meesha Shafi song 'Hot Mango Chutney Sauce'.