Ali Zafar's new single 'Mein Ura' pays tribute to 'warriors in the air' on Defence Day

Published 06 Sep, 2021 11:17am

Images Staff

The song celebrates the heroes of the Pakistan Air Force who fought for the country during the 1965 war.

Singer Ali Zafar released a new single titled 'Mein Ura' to celebrate the "heroes of the Pakistan Air Force" on Defence Day.

The singer took to social media to announce the release of the song on YouTube, sharing a small teaser of the song. "Hey guys! 'Mein Ura' is out now," Zafar wrote on Instagram. "A tribute to our brave warriors in the air defending us day and night."

The song has been uploaded on the Pakistan Air Force's YouTube channel. According to the description, 'Mein Ura' is meant to "commemorate the victory of the 1965 war".

"Pakistan Air Force has released a song titled 'Mein Ura'," the description reads. "The song has been sung by renowned singer Ali Zafar. The song features impressive visuals of Pakistani pilots flying fighters jets across the skies based on theme of paying homage to the incredibly brave services of the heroes of PAF, who fought for the safety of this motherland during the 1965 War."

Defence Day is a national holiday observed on September 6 to honour the soldiers who lost their lives defending Pakistan.