Tom Cruise's £100,000 BMW stolen while filming for Mission: Impossible 7

Tom Cruise's £100,000 BMW stolen while filming for Mission: Impossible 7

The car and the star's belongings were stolen while it was parked outside a hotel in Birmingham in the UK.
28 Aug, 2021

In a crime worthy of being in the Mission Impossible franchise, a car used by Hollywood star Tom Cruise was stolen while he was, ironically, filming scenes for the film Mission: Impossible 7 in the UK.

According to The Sun, Cruise had thousands of pounds worth of luggage stolen as well after thieves sped away in the BMW used by Cruise while he was in the UK. The car — a BMW X7 — was a state of the art car worth almost £100,000.

The car had been parked outside a hotel in Birmingham when it was taken by thieves who'd used a scanner to clone the signal from the luxury car’s keyless ignition fob. A source told The Sun that “Tom had been driven around in the car while in Birmingham and some of his ­luggage and belongings were inside it when it was taken.

“It’s since been recovered by police because it was equipped with an electronic tracking device but everything inside it had gone," the source continued. "It’s a huge embarrassment for the security team and the guy who had been driving it was hopping mad — but not as mad as Tom!”

Cruise had been in Birmingham to shoot a scene for the seventh movie instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise. He'd been spotted at a shopping centre in the city shooting scenes with actor Hayley Atwell. Cruise was being driven around Birmingham city in the BMW in question by his bodyguard, who was the first person to notice the car was missing.

Cruise has been filming for the upcoming at various location across the UK. Mission: Impossible 7 is set to be released in 2022.