Mehwish Hayat posted an Independence Day message but all people focused on was the colour of her bra

Published 16 Aug, 2021 12:57pm

Images Staff

She believes there are more important things to talk about and we agree with her.

Actor Mehwish Hayat posted a message on Independence Day, calling for Pakistanis to embody the ideals of our forefathers, but rather than focus on her message, people seemed to be more concerned about the colour of her undergarments. Yes, you read that right.

"The Quaid said, “It is only with united effort and faith in our destiny that we shall be able to translate the Pakistan of our dreams into reality." Hoisting the flag is not enough, if we really respect this country, we need to embody the ideals of our forefathers. Happy Independence Day," she wrote on Instagram.

Soon after, however, the comments started rolling in and Hayat noticed them.

"Literally sickened seeing some of the comments under this post," she wrote on her Instagram Story. “The perverts debating the colour of my bra just shows how sick and petty their minds are. Black, grey or green, it’s none of your effing business!” said the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient.

“For God’s sake grow up — no wonder society is in the mess that it is!”

She then posted a second story saying, 
“I would suggest that there are much bigger issues that need addressing. Only if this energy could be invested in better, more worthwhile pursuits!”

We also wonder why the colour of Mehwish Hayat's bra seems to be of more importance than her message itself. She was right when she said there is so much more to talk about than the colour of her bra. We're pretty sure the ideals she's talking about don't include policing women and being straight up creeps.