'About time': Netizens rejoice as Justice Ayesha Malik expected to become first female Supreme Court judge

Published 13 Aug, 2021 01:04pm

Images Staff

People are celebrating her elevation as the first step towards a more inclusive apex court.

Justice Ayesha A Malik is expected to become the first woman judge to be elevated to the Supreme Court and people across Pakistan are celebrating.

She has been nominated by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed and will be elevated to the apex court when the Judicial Commis­sion of Pakistan meets on September 9.

If elevated to the apex court, she will remain judge of the Supreme Court until March 2031. The current sanctioned strength of the court is complete with 17 judges so Justice Malik will fill the vacant when Justice Mushir Alam reaches superannuation on August 17.

News of her elevation had many Twitter users celebrating. Many rejoiced that there would finally be a woman judge on the Supreme Court roster and said Justice Malik was smashing glass ceilings.

The news was also met with congratulations for all women.

Many called it a proud moment.

Some users hoped this wouldn't the only woman judge in the apex court.

Others saw it as the first step in a more inclusive Supreme Court.

Some thought it alarming that it had taken so many years for a woman to enter the SC.

Some users compared her to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former US Supreme Court justice who passed away last year.

Australian High Commissioner Dr Geoffrey Shaw said having women as leaders and decision-makers is important for women’s empowerment and promoting gender equality.

As people continue to celebrate Justice Malik's elevation to the top court, they are hopeful that while she may be the first woman to become a Supreme Court judge, she won't be the last.