Pepsi's latest TVC is convincing us to look beyond the walls

Updated 23 Jul, 2021 04:34pm


The series of ads are bound to have us turn our 'whys' into 'why nots'.

If there's anything we have truly realised in the recent times, it is the value of having people around.

Luckily in our part of the world, community living is given a whole different meaning and value in society. Our lives are well integrated, and we rely on our social connections for almost everything.

Among all our social relationships, our neighbours have special involvement in our day-to-day lives.

And as they say, we can always choose our friends, but we can’t choose our neighbours. However, we can always define what our relationship with them is like.

Furthering this very message, Pepsi has come up with a new heart warming series of TVCs, which are a beautiful depiction of how we can break barriers with the power of kindness, warmth and positivity.

The first ad of the series is a Syra Yousuf starrer, which is gripping from its very first frame, and leaves us with thought-provoking questions in our minds.

The warm slogan has already been got us hooked, with the overall ad living up to all the anticipation. In a very subtle fashion, this unusual and simple film delivers a refreshing message.

Check out the TVC here:

Along with many other nuanced messages, the ad suggests that the younger generation has a different take on things all together, and that it should always be supported.

Seems like Pepsi is giving voice to what young millennials have always wanted to say to begin the change they have always wanted to see.

Syra’s character in the ad film symbolises optimism, while the legendary Marina Khan represents the classic parents' mindset. Might we add, what a fun celebrity duo that is to watch!

Syra’s character encourages looking beyond standard ways of thinking, because sometimes small fun-filled gestures break huge barriers and create a difference.

The ad reminds us that every great thing in the world has been a result of people coming together, and that it's about time we let go of age-old social barriers and connect with everyone around at a deeper, kinder level.

It's time we turn all our whys into why not?

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