Ali Gul Pir's message about treating sacrificial animals with respect hits home this Eidul Azha

Published 22 Jul, 2021 04:34pm

Images Staff

"Sharpening knives? We not only do that, we kill others in front of them too," he said, asking people to be more kind.

If you're someone who sacrifices animals on the streets and does not clean up after themselves, sharpens their knives in front of the animals before they are going to be sacrificed and then slaughters animals in full view of other innocent animals, Ali Gul Pir has a message for you. He needs you to change.

Taking to Instagram to speak about the many careless practices during the three days of Eid, Pir started his message with a graphic picture of slaughtered animals lying on the streets with their organs discarded on the side and blood pooled around them.

"Shame how we treat animals and what a mess we create," he said, before proceeding to cite religious quotes that explain the essence of sacrifice.

"When the Prophet (PBUH) saw a man sharpening his knife in the presence of the animal destined for slaughter, he said 'do you intend inflicting death on the animal twice — once by sharpening the knife within its sight and once by cutting its throat?'" he wrote, highlighting what people are getting wrong.

"Sharpening knives? We not only do that, we kill others in front of them," he said. "Throw their guts on the street."

"If you can afford to buy goats and cows, you can dispose their guts in a hygienic way."

However, for those who cannot care for the animals, Pir had an alternate solution: online qurbani.

Caring for sacrificial animals both before and after their death should be crucial to maintain the sanctity of the sacrifice. Previously, Anoushey Ashraf also asked her followers to treat their sacrificial animals with compassion and love. That's truly what makes Eid more special.