Sabeeka Imam speaks up against nepotism in the entertainment industry with a potshot at Azaan Sami Khan

Sabeeka Imam speaks up against nepotism in the entertainment industry with a potshot at Azaan Sami Khan

The model criticised his being cast in the series Ishq-e-Laa with Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi.
17 Jul, 2021

There are a few things that can get you ahead in the Pakistani entertainment industry and we aren't talking about acting skills. Family connections, an influential background and networking can push you into the limelight and far ahead of your less connected peers. Model Sabeeka Imam recently spoke out against nepotism in a social media post.

She called out the problematic culture of nepotism by saying some people get to debut with renowned industry names like Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi without having prior acting experience.

"So it seems like you need zero on screen acting experience and you could also debut with both the amazing Yumna and Sajal. Mujhe bhi itni hi achi LUCK chahiye [I want this kind of good luck] where I don't have to earn it or prove myself first and it just gets handed to me on a plate!" she wrote on Twitter.

She didn't take any names but she was clearly referring to Azaan Sami Khan who is making his debut with Aly and Zaidi in Ishq-e-Laa soon.

Khan, the son of actor Zeba Bakhtiar and singer Adnan Sami Khan, has no acting experience but has worked as a musician and producer. Imam didn't think it was fair that he was given the opportunity with zero acting experience and without having to prove himself.

Her tweet was met with some criticism and was followed by a second statement calling out people's double standards.

"Aap log humein bura bhala kahen to woh sab theek hai lekin main as an artist koi opinion doon to main "jealous"? Salman Khan ki baat sach hai... 'main karoon to saala character dheela hai' [You guys say all sorts of mean things to us and that's all fine, but if I, as an artist, give my opinion then I'm labeled as jealous? Salman Khan was right when he said "if I do it then I have a poor character]," she said, using the hashtag #DoubleStandards.

A Hum TV production, Ishq-e-Laa also stars Sohail Sameer, Uzma Hassan, Usman Pirzada and Simi Raheal.

Whether you like it or not, Imam has a point when it comes to nepotism in Pakistani. There are many people who get ahead because of their connections but unfortunately, this phenomenon is not limited to this industry. That's not to say Azaan is a bad actor — he might be brilliant in the role. The issue arises when talented people are passed over for opportunities in favour of those with connections. In a fairer world, everyone would be given equal opportunities.


M. Saeed Jul 17, 2021 01:32pm
Our private TV industry is running only as a nepotism factory, where there is no love for any merits.
zebswati Jul 17, 2021 01:34pm
" Family connections, an influential background and networking can push you into the limelight." Yes you are right today it is in business , politics , top jobs etc. , unfortunately this is now one part of training of how to become successful in your career/field
Fastrack Jul 17, 2021 01:34pm
Amazing you never pointed out hundreds of actors in Pakistan and India who got their break only by being children of famous celebrities. But of course, only Azaan quit India to work in Pakistan. And that hurt.
Fastrack Jul 17, 2021 01:39pm
Azaan's getting famous. Pak and Indian industries are full of sons and daughters of celebs. Young Azaan's only crime? Coming over to Pakistan, undoing what his father did.
Chota Jul 17, 2021 01:41pm
Here every day u will see mansha pasha news.thats also nepotism frankly speaking or in your words networking
Nidz Jul 17, 2021 01:41pm come he got a chabce to work with leading ladies of the industry with no acting experience??? Even his voice and singing is below average... I was shocked when I saw him against Sajal and Yumna.
ST Jul 17, 2021 01:44pm
Doesn't matter .if someone came from an influential family or nepotism. , public will discard them if they don't like their skills..Why @Sabeeqa , you have to worry about anyone? Focus on your own work.
Farhan Jul 17, 2021 02:10pm
She has a point.
MJQ Jul 17, 2021 04:10pm
Same is about Shehryar Munawwar, lots of failed projects but still people are forced to watch him due to his relationship with Miss Sultana (Hum TV)
AJ Jul 17, 2021 04:23pm
Not just the film industry, everything in the country runs on nepotism.
Bilal Saeed Jul 17, 2021 08:32pm
@Fastrack " Only Azaan quit India to work in Pakistan". Azaan was never an Indian citizen nor ever held Indian passport like Adnan Sami, to quit India. Adnan and his first wife seperated, Azaan's mom who lives in Pakistan got his custody, so he grew up in Pakistan. While Adnan married second time and had a baby in india.
John Jul 17, 2021 09:48pm
Who is this azan never heard of this
Ali Mehdi Jul 17, 2021 10:00pm
He has zero acting experience. If he wasn’t the kid of famous celebrities would he still have bagged this role. I don’t think so. So yes she is so right.
ak4pk Jul 17, 2021 11:06pm
This phenomenon is not just limited to Pakistan, it is a worldwide problem though not practised in equal measure everywhere. It’s application can have devastating consequences. Take Pakistan as a case in example, the destruction caused to the nation is beyond comprehension. The entire public sector enterprises have more or less collapsed because of nepotism and we are still sleepwalking. Both legislatures are stuffed with inept, incompetent and corrupt individuals, their own interest comes before that of the country. We are down and out and will remain so until we can reverse this trend. Sabeeka Imam’s point of view is understandable but in this case the person under the spotlight is not a pure ‘anari’, he has made significant and outstanding contribution to showbiz industry. He is capable and famous and a hot property at the moment and therefore worth the risk, from the producers point of view.
haider abbas Jul 18, 2021 05:47am
Wake up to the real world.BTW if u have what it takes , u wont be denied for long.Good luck.