Kareena Kapoor Khan's Pregnancy Bible will give you an insight into her life as a mom

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Pregnancy Bible will give you an insight into her life as a mom

"This book is a personal account of what I experienced both physically and emotionally through both my pregnancies," she said.
09 Jul, 2021

After two children, a successful career and proudly taking fans with her on her journey to motherhood, Kareena Kapoor Khan has finally written all about her experiences in her debut novel.

The Jab We Met actor teased fans and hyped up the announcement with a picture of a sonogram on Instagram.

"Been working on something exciting... but it's not what you're thinking. Watch this space for more," she posted, much to the disappointment of her fans who have been eagerly waiting for details regarding her second born, who came into this world on February 21.

Unlike the last time where paparazzi bombarded and instantly fell in love with Taimur Ali Khan, this time around, Kareena and husband Saif Ali Khan chose to keep their child out of the limelight and haven't even revealed his name yet.

However, the actor has now decided to open up about her experiences of being a mom in her new book Kareena Kapoor Khan's Pregnancy Bible.

"This has been quite the journey… both my pregnancies and writing my Pregnancy Bible. There were good days and bad days; some days I was raring to go to work and others where I struggled to get out of bed. This book is a very personal account of what I experienced both physically and emotionally through both my pregnancies," she revealed. "In many ways, this book is like my third child… from conception to its birth today."

She also revealed that the book had been vetted and approved by medical experts.

"Published by Juggernaut India... I’m proud to share that my Pregnancy Bible is vetted and approved by FOGSI, India's official body of gynaecologists and obstetricians, along with the help of several expert voices like Rujuta Diwekar, Dr. Sonali Gupta, and Dr. Prabha Chandra of NIMHANS."

Both excited and nervous, Khan shared that the novel was ready to pre-order!


Sara Jul 09, 2021 04:25pm
Its high time woman have pregnancy bible. There are so many do's and dont's we are unaware of. Like not eating pinneapple or pumpkin during pregnancy as it causes misscarraige. Not breastfeed if you are expcting other child as it puts moms n foetus's life in danger.
truth Jul 09, 2021 04:50pm
No job left in movies so writing a book taimur ki
Ahsan Gul Jul 09, 2021 05:49pm
Is she a gynecologist? Her attempt is nothing but to make quick money.
NYS Jul 09, 2021 05:59pm
Juggun Kazim also written Mom Matters now it's your turn By the way this compilation is done by someone else
Multani Jul 09, 2021 06:07pm
Why are we talking about retired Bollywood actresses, past their glory days, they just want to be in the news.
Gulnaz Jul 09, 2021 06:21pm
@truth " Taimur ki Ammi" Mysogyny and sexism comes naturally to some men. She is accomplished actress, entrepreneur, has own film production house, and now hosts her own show. Neither is she jobless, nor being mom something to be ashamed of. Change your perspective. She is alrounder working mom, an inspiration to all woman who quit after motherhood.
Imran Jul 09, 2021 06:24pm
Selling your pregnancy for profit......
Maira Jul 09, 2021 06:26pm
Appreciate it, in nuclear families now a days there is no one to help with doubts or answer embarrasing questions. A guide book might help.
truth Jul 09, 2021 08:02pm
@Gulnaz she is what she is...u dont have to tell us. We know her well.
Shahdab Jul 09, 2021 08:10pm
Who is she ?
Muzna Jul 09, 2021 09:04pm
@truth Men shouldnt be intimidated by successful career moms u know.
A Jul 09, 2021 09:18pm
She is role model of Muslim girls.
Multani Jul 10, 2021 02:51am
@A Hindu Kareena cannot be a model for any Muslim girl here.
Human Jul 10, 2021 04:19am
@Multani Does she look retired to you? You know she is still working right
Human Jul 10, 2021 04:20am
@Shahdab Tamiur ke Ammi
Today Jul 10, 2021 06:12am
@Muzna she doesn't have good reputation in India post SSR and nepotism and her selfish comments... Not a role model for girls in India.. Just flowerpot roles in big Khan movies is her career.
Today Jul 10, 2021 06:13am
@Muzna for that one has to be successful right... She isnt
Alishba Jul 10, 2021 08:56am
@Today " Just flowerpot roles in big khan movies". You skipped 80% of her career. Jab we met, Omkara, Hulchul, Asoka, woman centric hits Chameli, Talaash, Aitraaz etc. She is a successful actress. A role model to all woman of south asia who quit job, once pregnant. Her upcoming movie is Mythological thriller.
Hamza Haider Jul 10, 2021 09:04am
@Today "for that one has to be successful right... She isnt" Unsucessful actresses are not called A listers, charge 15 crore per movie or give 90% of their movies a blockbuster hit.
Ashraf Sayyed Jul 10, 2021 11:05am
Interesting to see " Men" interfering, objecting and mocking woman's fashion list, Mahira's comeback and now woman's pregnancy helpbook...rather than "Woman". Proves men gossip, crib, more than woman.
truth Jul 10, 2021 11:43am
@Alishba u can lap that up if thats ur taste...we dont call that role model or women centric. a role model fr indian girls would be Gunjan Saxena or Kalpana Chawla...or if u want frm her family then her mother in law Sharmila who worked even after 3 kids n was a number 1 heroine with woman centric roles
Today Jul 10, 2021 04:43pm
@Hamza Haider nope.. Nepotism does it