Surf Excel Daaghon ka Champion trophy brings out some of the best dives on Pakistani media

Published 06 Jul, 2021 04:19pm


This cricket season, the campaign caused a frenzy of dives by Pakistanis who supported their favourite cricketer to win.

Our love for Pakistan Super League (PSL) is unending!

All the fervour around the tournament had everyone glued to their seats in excitement as everyone’s favourite players catched-out the opposing teams, hit those sixers and made those exciting dives.

This time, however, there was something even bigger to celebrate and watch out for.

The Surf Excel Daaghon Ka Champion Trophy had everyone going into a dive frenzy all over social media in order to make their favourite cricketer win.

Starting with Surf Excel joining hands with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and announcing earlier the Daaghon Ka Champion trophy for players who stain themselves the most while playing the sport. The campaign took social media by storm when a plethora of enthralling dives were made by influencers all across the board in a bid to support their favourites who had a chance to win the grand prize of Rs500,000.

Combining adrenaline, adventure and fun into one grand social media campaign, we found our favourite influencers, including Daniyal Sheikh, Tashfeen Arshad, Aden Rehan, Syed Muzamil, Rafay Butt, Mansoor Qureshi, Mubeen Ul Haq, Sobia Saleem, Ghazanfer Jaffery, Rida Mirza, Rehab Siddiqui, Mehak Raheel, Nayab Ijaz, Azlan Shah, Anica, Mariam Tariq Rana, Aqsa Zunaib, Faiza Saleem, Amna Niazi, Fariha Asghar, and Maryam & Aylah participating wholeheartedly in the campaign.

These influencers ended up motivating players to perform a dive that could end up getting them a one-of-its-kind reward, which was then added to players' scores, bringing them one step closer to the big prize.

We saw the influencers making some thrilling moves as they did their fair share of adrenaline-pumping dives, jumps and everything in between! Be it Aden Rehan, who had her son, Zaaviyar, dive for his favourite player Shaheen Afridi, or Faiza Saleem, doing some hilarious antics with husband as he dived for Shadab Khan, each influencer added their own touch of support for their favourite player.

Witnessing their interest in the Daaghon Ka Champion Trophy, we also saw many media personaities and celebs giving in to the dive fever on our favourite talk shows and morning shows as well. Be it, Mazaaqraat, where we saw the funny comedians taking a dive, or famous former cricketer Imran Nazir taking a dive on NEO TV, support for the DKC Trophy has been endless.

So much so that about 17 Pakistani channels ended up airing the best dives from the second leg of PSL on their airtime.

Influencers, TV hosts, show guests, and a great number of supporters were all inspired by Surf Excel’s series of commercials aired across digital and conventional platforms, featuring Shadab Khan, Faheem Ashraf and Mohammad Rizwan collaboratively performing a dive to get stains on their clothes. The commercials ended with all three players covered in stains, leaving the audience and influencers curious about who the winner of the newly announced trophy will be, and how they can support them.

Other commercials from the campaign also continued to pique the interest of the fans as some of the biggest names in Pakistani cricket took dives even when they didn’t need to.

The spirit of Daaghon Ka Champion only went further with the third commercial when much-loved commentator and former cricketer, Bazid Khan, took to the pitch, where some great ‘daagh’ action had ensued. Taking a dive on the ground, Bazid proves there’s just about no one left who isn’t fully participating to get a chance to win big!

The large number of dives that made it to social media included Fahee Ashraf, Mohammad Rizwan, Akhlaq Ahmed, and Shahnawaz Dhani on the scoreboard, out of whom one lucky cricketer ended up getting to that grand prize of Rs500,000. Tying it all up in the end with countless dive instances, the support of influencers was able to get their favourite Shahnawaz Dhani to win.

The campaign truly started a dive-war on social media, but for Shahnawaz Dhani, it seems to be all worth it.

Surf Excel has never failed to keep us engaged for more with its ethos and legacy of 'Daagh Toh Achay Hotay Hain,' and it only leveled up with our favourite PSL matches this season.

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