Floraison Intimates is ensuring shopping online in Pakistan is free of risk and hassle. Here's how

Updated 29 Jun, 2021 12:46pm


The brand is making undergarment shopping safe and comfortable for all.

"Ma’am your strap is showing! What will people say?"

We've heard that way too often, and in 2021, the idea of finger-pointing at anything and everything a woman does needs to go.

Why are we ashamed every time the word underwear is used? As if it wasn’t just another piece of clothing. Amongst all the ‘haw-haye’ and ‘log kia kahenge’ [what will people say], Floraison Intimates has decided to give the women of Pakistan what they deserve; a decent piece of lingerie along with a little bit of love.

The shopping experience in Pakistan for lingerie is anything but comfortable; there are more social boundaries than product ranges for everyone who decides to buy a new set of undergarments.

There are limitations when it comes to finding that perfect fit, especially because brands in Pakistan do not follow a single size chart.

"It is difficult for us to explain sizes to our customers because they are still unaware of how to measure themselves", says Sara Rashid, Marketing Head at Floraison Intimates. "Especially because we sell via an e-store, we try to give the best possible shopping experience to all customers by offering them customized size charts and product specific measuring guides."

Here are all the ways Floraison Intimates makes it easy to shop for undergarments online:

The brand helps customers measure themselves right

One of the biggest challenges of buying lingerie online is centered on size and fit issues.

For Floraison Intimates, the main motive behind running a capable online store for women's intimates is promoting confidence. This is why the customer service team welcomes all queries on size, fit and styles online, and helps each customer understand how to select the right product for themselves.

The brand feels as much as 60% of their customers are unsure about how to find the right fit.

Many famous influencers have collaborated to create awareness and talk about how important it is to have basic knowledge on measurement of an undergarment.

The venture provides a safe shopping space for all

Floraison Intimates has created a safe and judgment-free space for all its valued shoppers.

The platform welcomes both men and women to choose and buy lingerie, bras and sleepwear with professionally trained staff as well as the Design Head available throughout the week for queries, suggestions and feedback.

Not just that, the platform provides easy options of return/refund and exchange valid till the first 7 days of purchase.

The brand offers special products for menstruating and nursing women

To promote and create safe online shopping spaces for women and their many needs, the brand has introduced a number of products.

Floraison Intimates offers all customers customised period boxes which carry all essentials that women need to get through period days.

There is a variety of nursing intimates and sleepwear on the platform to help provide comfort and support to mothers, so they know feeding their babies while taking care of themselves is never meant to be challenging.

“We are proud to call ourselves Pakistanis, we do not want to be known as an imported brand. We are comfortable in our skin and make sure our customers also feel the same. This is the reason why we’ve had such an amazing response from our wonderful customers because we are on this journey with them, every step of the way.’’ adds, Ramsha Mariam.

For more information, head over to the brand's official e-store.

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