Our favourite celebs, influencers and Lifebuoy want you to know that safety is in your hands

Our favourite celebs, influencers and Lifebuoy want you to know that safety is in your hands

The brand is spreading public awareness messages to help us understand that we still need to follow Covid-19 SOPs.
01 Jul, 2021

Covid-19 has indiscriminately wreaked havoc around the globe, and in Pakistan.

Though Pakistan's case count has dipped in the recent past, the pandemic continues to affect lives in a plethora of ways across the world. Many have sacrificed not just their health and loved ones, but also the livelihoods their households and future generations depend upon.

To play a role in helping Pakistan realise the importance of handwashing and overall hygiene in such trying times, Lifebuoy Soap stepped forward to appeal to everyone to help heal the world by continuing to follow safe and healthy habits we have learned through the course of the pandemic years. Many local celebrities and influencers have joined hands to endorse the cause.

What is Lifebuoy up to?

In a bid to encourage everyone to maintain hygiene by following Covid-19 guidelines, the brand came out with a series of messages by celebs, influencers and frontline workers to remind us why the fight against this deadly virus is still on.

Through the campaign, Lifebuoy is spreading one simple message: do not to forget to follow important personal hygiene practices of washing hands, masking up, maintaining a distance and registering for Covid-19 vaccination.

Here's Lifebuoy's message for all:

Ayeza Khan is asking everyone to maintain hand hygiene and social distancing

Starting with a public service awareness campaign that encouraged everyone to continue doing their best to combat Covid-19, we saw Lifebuoy spokesperson and leading actor Ayeza Khan in a Lifebuoy Soap TV commercial.

Ayeza Khan's message of hope asked everyone to continue washing hands with soap – any soap at all, and to maintain social distance with others, wear face masks properly by covering the mouth and nose, and of course, to get registered for vaccination as soon as the option is available and accessible.

Shehzad Roy is speaking about the learning challenges Pakistan's kids have faced in the wake of the pandemic

Known for voicing out his opinions and working towards the development of Pakistan, Shehzad Roy also stepped forward to promote the cause.

He highlighted the many challenges Pakistan's kids continue to face due to pandemic-induced restrictions. He encouraged not just the public, but also leading celebrities of the industry to come forward and endorse the message of maintaining safety habits.

Here's his message:

Other celebs also joined hands to promote the cause

Seeing the enthusiasm in the appeal put forward by Shehzad Roy and Ayeza Khan, celebrities and other important personalities of the entertainment industry, such as Sanam Saeed, Sanam Jung, Rabia Anum, Ali Safina and Sana Javed took to Instagram to speak about about the importance of maintaining the practices set by the government to ensure everyone stays protected.

“Many people around us have forgotten just how important it is to keep ourselves safe from Covid-19 right now and unfortunately we’re paying the price due to it,” Ali Safina posted. “Please understand that saving lives is in our hands! We need to continue wearing a mask, washing our hands with soap, maintaining a distance and getting vaccinated so that Pakistan can soon return to normal! Pakistan ko bachana ab aap kay haath mein hai.[it is now in your hands to ensure Pakistanis remain safe].”

Pakistani influencers also stepped forward to endorse the initiative

Lifebuoy's public awareness posts by our favourite celebs encouraged the internet to follow suite. and spread important messages to help the general public understand what it will take to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our favourite influencers also joined hands to promote the initiative; these include, like Ali Gul Pir, Abdullah Khatak, Junaid Akram, Mansoor Qureshi, Ali Arif, Mubeen Ul Haq, Ali Zar, Hunaina Rasool, Daniyal Sheikh, Kashan from The Idiotz, Ghazenfer Jaffery of Bekaar Films, Humna Ayub, Ayla Adnan, Nayab Ijazz, Ali Hassan Rana, Sami Rehman, Bilal Munir, Ekra Ali, Azlan Shah.

Rida Mirza, and Fariha Asghar posted on their accounts from their own handles their images and videos with the signature appeal to continue following SOPs.

“As you all know we are suffering from the severe crisis that is Covid-19, but none of us is taking this pandemic seriously. I appeal to everyone to follow all SOPs i.e wear a mask, wash hands frequently with soap, maintain six feet distance and get vaccinated!”, influencer Hunaina Rasool posted.

Here's Hunaina shedding light on the subject:

The campaign not only managed to make people aware of the global health safety practices in place, but also narrated tales of a wide range of loss – both of people and livelihoods.

Along with celebs and influencers, frontliners from various industries stepped forward to help us understand the severity of the situation, and why it is important to follow good health and safety practices.

A nurse, who has continued to work as a frontline worker during the crisis, spoke about how massively the rise of Covid-19 has affected her, and the hospitals of Pakistan.

She stressed on the fact that only through encouraging and ensuring best health practices, the country can reboot its journey towards the old normal and fight what has come forth during these unprecedented times.

Though Pakistan's Covid-19 case count has dipped recently, it is essential to keep following health safety guidelines and hand hygiene protocols to ensure we eradicate all signs of this deadly disease from every corner of our country.

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